Local Gems: POPS in Arcadia, OK


A lot of people don’t know that Historic Route 66 runs straight through Oklahoma. About a 30 minute drive north of Oklahoma City is the town of Arcadia – home of the POPs restaurant/gift shop/gas station/store. Marked by a 66 ft tall ‘pop’ bottle (that lights up neon colors at night), and a 50s view of the what modern architecture would be, POPs is a great place to spend an hour as a break on a road trip or as a lovely change of pace for lunch.


Although it’s only been open since 2007, it has quickly become a staple for people in the Oklahoma City area as a treat. The restaurant features some tasty All-American food (think diner food – corn dogs, french fries, burgers and the like) and the setting is quite scenic, but the biggest draw are the hundreds of different types of pop/soda/fizzy drink available for purchase – thus the name: POPs.


Their selection ranges from your everyday pop – big brands like Pepsi, Coke and Dr Pepper.


To just a little bit out there: orange soda, grape soda, raspberry lime soda, cream soda, etc.


To way out the way out there: jasmine infused root beer, Lime and Clove soda (one of my personal favorites. Don’t knock it until you try it), and even Chocolate soda.

All of their sodas are for sale as-is and they provide 6 pack carriers for your ease. And, they rotate their stock every week so there’s always a reason to stop by to see if they have anything new that strikes your fancy.


With both indoor and outdoor seating available POPs is a great place for families, dates, or just a fun time with friends. POPs might not exactly be on your way, but it is well worth a detour for the atmosphere and fun that is picking out a strange new soda to try. My newest choice is this: a Honey Cream Soda. I’m super excited to try it out!


A bit of a heads up: it gets quite crowded during lunch and dinnertime so plan accordingly.



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