Procrastination and YouTube

I am a procrastinator. I put off work for far longer then I should for no good reason at all. I often reach the point where I’ll do anything except work on the things I need to get finished. I’ll clean, I’ll cook, I’ll invent errands and take walks. It’s bad, I know, but it’s a habit I can’t seem to kick.

More often than not, my procrastination leads to a lot of random internet browsing. Tumblr or Twitter, or my biggest time-wasting enemy of all- YouTube. YouTube and I are very well acquainted at this point.

Which is how I’ve found lots of cool channels and webseries that I enjoy.  Because even though YouTube is a giant time-sink for my productivity, it’s home to a lot of cool and creative and innovative material. So today I’m going to share a few of my favorite recent discoveries with you.

Kissing in the Rain- from Shipwrecked

Kissing in the Rain is a webseries that has now completed about half it’s run, about two sets of two actors who keep ending up in projects together where they- you guessed it- kiss in the rain. The actors have to deal with their feelings towards each other, while acting in some of the most romantic scenes in history. The showrunner is also running an experiment on their tumblr where the fans of the show fill in the shows’ world using fan art and fan-fiction and playlists and all sorts of cool things. It’s fascinating, and adds a cool dimension to an already cool show.

Billy on the Street

Billy on the Street is profane- I’m going to warn you of that right off the bat. But oh man, is it hilarious. The YouTube channel is mostly clips of Billy Eichner’s tv show, with a  few web exclusives thrown in. The show is basically Billy running around New York City with a microphone yelling at strangers about pop-culture. Sometimes celebrities join him. It’s often ridiculous, but it’s always hilarious.

Kid President

I’m sure almost all of you have seen a Kid President video by now.  They seem to go through phases of facebook famous-ness, where all your aunts and middle school classmates post them at the same time. But sometimes you’re weird high school lab partner has good taste! And this might be one of those times. The Kid President videos are always delightful, and can bring a smile out of even the crankiest person.

Lip Synch Battles- Jimmy Fallon

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’s YouTube channel is home to lots of fun goodies from Jimmy’s show, but by far my favorites are the lip synch battles. During the lip-synch battles each contestant prepares a couple of songs, but doesn’t tell the others what they are. The surprise is always worth it. The dance moves are often fabulous, and the song choices inspired. I laugh until I hurt every time.

In Bed with Joan

In Bed with Joan is a show hosted by Joan Rivers, the legendary comedian. On the show Joan invites all sorts of people to come and sit in bed with her and discuss anything and everything. Joan Rivers has long been known for her no-holds-barred attitude, and when you get her one-on-one with some outsized personalities, humor isn’t hard to come by. This show is probably not for the faint of heart, but it’s worth the cringing for the laughs. Some of my favorite guests are Eric Andre and Jim Rash.

Ex:Men, from Pete Holmes

This series of videos from the incredible comedian Pete Holmes, starts with the incredible premise of Professor X needing to lay off some of the X-Men. Each episode shows a different superhero in a weird meeting with the Professor. The effects are incredible, the lines are hysterical, and people who know the X-Men will pick up on some fun meta references. I think the Wolverine episode is my favorite, but Gambit and Iceman are great too.


I think that’s probably enough series and channels to get anyone through a weekend of avoiding studying. Let me know if you have any good recommendations of things I can watch while I’m trying very hard not to do the things I need to do.


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