Your Guide to Freaky Photobooth Apps


Halloween is my absolute favorite time of year. Towards the end of each October since birth, I have expended every spare amount of time, energy and sometimes money trying to perfect my look, so I could then have bragging rights that my costume ruled for the next 364 days ( ideally more than that).  I do Internet research and watch YouTube makeup tutorials and make upwards of ten trips to my local pop-up Halloween store. I’m a crazy person.

I understand not all individuals are that cavalier with their resources or as lunatic with their enthusiasm, but they still want to show everyone (let’s be honest…mostly social media) that they are fun and festive.  Let’s say you have zero talent in makeup and are more or less a lazy sack of goo and don’t feel like pulling together a costume…but you have an iPhone…wouldn’t it be fun to post a picture online that will impress your friend’s novelty holiday socks off?

Well, luckily there is an app for that. In fact there are nearly 100 apps with the very purpose to make you appear ghoulish and freaky. When searching different special effects photo booths on the iTunes store, I learned how vast the market was.  With just a couple screen taps, and just in time for the witching hour,  I had downloaded for free 10 different apps to share with you. Some were fun and easy to use, while others were pointless garbage fires.

The Walking Dead: Dead Yourself App


This one confused me at first because the sheer amount of options. The main screen has various subheadings to direct you to exactly which zombification method you fancy.  You can download the ability to get a side view or to be turned into a post-apocalyptic survivor, but the easiest option is probably to pick the classic “dead yourself” because the results are pretty damned gore-tastic. You can manipulate the eyes mouth to suit your desired look…and you can add charming accents like meat clever to the head or a blood-soaked baby doll. You can also add filters to make it seem even grittier. To be completely honest, I think I am the only human on the planet who is not current on the series, but it’s a must have for any Walking Dead fanatic.



Mojo Masks App


This app is not completely free, because it only comes with 5 free “masks” and then if you want to download additional packs like animals or holiday, you’ll have to shell out $1.99 per bundle. Being that I am cheap, I originally scoffed at this, but after playing around with it for a few minutes I wanted (nay NEEDED) those bundles.  The greatest asset of this app is that it has motion! You can see what a terrifying  clown looks like making all sort of bizarre facial gesticulations. It’s way more entertaining than you would think.



Scary Booth


I am a sucker for fun kitsch graphics and this app has them!  Like Mojo mask, it comes with some standard fixins. You can add crazy bloody or a butterfly masquerade mask free of charge, but if you want a Silence of the Lambs face shield or V for Vendetta mask, that will cost you an up charge. Although this app only came with 15 standard options, I still enjoyed my monster face.  I feel like it’s a solid mix between the shrunken head guy in Beatlejuice and a True Blood DVD cover.



Zombie Booth


This app is ok. I like that it has the ability to take video of myself in crazy my crazy undead state (that’s a stellar way to horrify your parents!), but I felt limited by the options. The various eye, mouth and gash choices didn’t offer much diversity unless you doled out some money. For example, I wanted a hockey mask look, but didn’t want to pay for it. Story of my life.



Zombie Booth 2


The layout of this incarnation is much cleaner and a lot easier to figure out. I also liked how it made my skin look all blue and transparent. It actually was surprisingly realistic. I am confused as to why they made a whole new version instead of just making this one an update of the OG Zombie Booth.



Way Cooler


Sweet lord. I don’t know why this app is so awesome.  It’s one of those things that I periodically will delete off my phone to make room for other frivolous apps, only to yank it back out of the cloud months later when the urge to add a beak or claws or bulging eyes to a photo arises. I like it because the options are pretty vast. You can put eyes, arms or even horns anywhere you want on a photo, and can alter the colors of said appendages.  You can also do any kind of pictures, not just forward facing selfies, but you can make group shots or even pets “way cooler.”  Additional accessory packs are available for an additional charge, but they aren’t necessary for a casual fun time waster.



Corpse Cam


This app is pretty ridiculous as it alters your face so drastically with, in most cases, a full face mask overlay. The only issue is because you can’t combine features; you are kind of stuck in your options. However, it did make me into this bizarre troll witch monster, so it can’t be all bad! Extra points for seamless edges, so the appendages look somewhat natural…I mean as natural as possible.



Zombieface Maker


This app had many of the same faces as Corpse Cam, but you could overlay them, which sometimes makes it look a little junky, but I like that the option is there.  Sometimes a skeleton isn’t creepy enough, and you wanna be a gorilla skeleton or a ghost skeleton.



Zombie Pic Booth


Ok are you counting the number of different ways the words “zombie” and “booth” can be transcribed in different configurations? It’s kind of impressive. Anyway, on to this app, which I actually really enjoyed…for the most part. There weren’t a lot of options, but it was a quality over quantity thing because I really like the gross options that  are on the docket. The only real issue I had was the endless in-app advertisements, which didn’t just take the form of pop-ups, but also videos that made me want to throw my phone across the room and made the whole process take forever.



Zombie My Face Pro


This is probably the worst of all the ones I tried. Aside from the pop-ups (which plagued a few of these applications), I felt like it wasn’t attractive or easy to use. Drag. There were only a few mask options, and they were all just kind of meh. I wish I could say that the vast catalog of eyes would make up for it, but that would be false. There was one option and one option only…and that’s laser eyes. Because isn’t that something that comes standard on all zombies?



Well I hope that gives you, fair nerdship, some solid ways to eat up the GBs on your phones and keep you entertained for the rest of the month. Which ones have you tried?  Also, feel free to share your best app-created horrifying face on our Facebook page.

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