Why I love Whedon-verse


(Hi, friends.! If you want to get into Whedon-verse, you’re in luck: basically everything he has made is available on Netflix. So binge watch and join Team Whedon.)

Hello, Nerdship. I’m pretty sure we can all agree that Joss Whedon is a beautiful genius with one of the most magical amazing brains that has ever been gifted to nerdom. I don’t know a single person (that has watched one of Joss Whedon’s shows) that doesn’t love Whedonverse. And while the reasons to love Whedon’s shows seems infinite – I’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons why I love Whedonverse so much.

  1. The Ladies.
    ladies collage
    Joss Whedon does a lot of things well. Really. A lot of things. But one thing he does extra well is writing Women. Fully fleshed out, completely developed, deep, emotional women. They are all strong, take no shit, stand up for each other, are hella badass, but are still very much women. How Joss writes women, unlike a lot of other representations of Women in Media, nothing that they do takes away from the fact that they are women. All of his female characters have this fantastic duality to them that you do not see, consistently, hardly anywhere else. Badass Vampire Slayer? Still wants to go to prom. Best Mechanic in the verse? Still loves a pink frilly dress. Being feminine and having feminine qualities is not a bad thing in Whedonverse.
    Whedonverse ladies put up with No Shit from No Man and it makes me wish that more TV took note from Joss. Awesome ladies draw crowds.
  2. The Teamwork.
    team collage

    Joss Whedon is the master of the ensemble. Every single one of his shows features a pretty diverse cast of characters that all bring something special and important to the group. Every character is fully developed and has their own storylines and history and brings so much to the show. The Team that develops almost instantly makes you get so much more involved in the show and everyone working together to save the world (again). Every character is important and because the writing is so good, so when Joss inevitably hurts/murders them you really feel the loss from the team.
  3. The Language.

    myth-taken that's a complimentpretty bonnet chinese!
    I could write a novel about the language of Whedon-verse. Every single show has it’s own incredible language and slang that really gets you into the show. I am forever jealous of how punny the characters in Buffy are (“you were myth-taken” is one of my favorite puns of all time). I am also forever jealous of the ability of the crew of the Serenity’s ability to switch back and forth between chinese and english and to meld the 2 together with the space-cowboyness of the culture of the show. The culture of each show changes the language of the show and I just love how the language of the characters in each show really changes based on their settings. It’s just … so dang shiny.

  4. The Settings.
    setting collage

    The place of each show is so incredible. A Western set in space? A Plethora of Mythical creatures in Sunny California? A not-so-secret society of programmable dolls all over the world? A secret society that keeps the old gods from rising by sacrificing teenagers? And that’s just to name a few. The settings of Whedon’s shows are so diverse and so creative and interesting and not something that has really been done before. I love how different each show is and how each one has it’s own specific world while being fully developed and it sucks you in completely.
  5. The Emotions.
    saddest buffy
    So many emotions. All of them. You laugh, you cry, you grumble, you rejoice, you cry again. Because each and every character is so wholly developed, and because Joss Whedon is known for killing your favorites you will experience the full spectrum of emotions. Every Buffy fan remembers The Body. Every Firefly fan remembers the heartbreak that is the end of the movie. Or the series finale of Dollhouse. Or the series finale of Angel. And, while Whedon does to the whole ‘I’m gonna rip your heart out, stomp on it, then hand it back to you with a smile’ thing well, I don’t think many people would categorize his shows as ‘sad’. They’re funny and dramatic and joyful and just flat-out amazing. Even the shows I don’t like very much, I like a lot more than most TV.


To conclude: Joss Whedon is a gift, y’all. He creates some of the best TV on network television and I will love and watch anything he puts out. Now’s probably a good time to rewatch all of his shows.


Do y’all have a favorite Whedon show? Let us know in the comments below!

Mine is Dollhouse. It might be a bit controversial – because, of all of his shows, Dollhouse takes the longest to get into it’s rhythm, but dang if it isn’t amazing once its gets there.

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  • Tina Cant says:

    Lol, I loved this blog entry. I agree with you. I always tell people, “If Joss is involved I will watch/read/listen to it.” Whedon is my God!

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