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Little known fact- amid the things scribbled on my bucket list, having my makeup done by a drag queen fairly near the top. Despite being a nude lip gloss and champagne eye shadow kinda gal, I find the thought of donning 20 lbs of frosted extensions,  blinding lashes and a thick veneer of heavy contour very enticing. In lieu of going broke at a beauty supply house and clogging my every pore with glitter, I decided to download the Rupaul Dragulator App instead.


From A to Zynga,  there is nothing under the sun that won’t tickle me to smithereens and effectively kill time better than a new app. At one time or another, I have gotten myself momentarily obsessed with nearly everything that fits the criteria of being fun and free of charge.  The hardest for me to resist are these novelty photo apps.

Whether I feel like transforming my everyday selfies into ravenous corpses with The Walking Dead App or adding in Technicolor teddy bears with the Lisa Frank app, I cannot resist the allure of the ridiculous.  That technological force is way too great.  Hence, when I learned about the Rupaul’s Drag Race Dragulator, I was double tapping on the download button immediately.

As are most drag superstars, this app is extremely friendly and easy to navigate with lots of sass.  Within seconds of adding it to my home screen, I had it all figured out with the tutelage of queen supreme drag overlord- Rupaul. Using an existing unobstructed forward-facing picture from your gallery, or by snapping a photo with the in-app camera , you can “give good face” by layering eyeshadow, blush,  lips, bling and wig Mr Potato Head style. You can add as many elements or as few as you like


You can then add a fabulously outfitted figure to your dismembered, but newly dragulated face. This presents you with a huge decision: Do you wanna be a full-figured sequined diva or a more muscular queen in something short and frilly? It’s one I had never considered, but my natural inclination was to go big or go home. Voluptuous vixen it is.


By far the most fun of the entire app is the last step…the one where you add “accessories” to your new dream personae with anything from a captain’s hat to a feather boa to a white dove to a hotdog.


I had so much fun channeling and creating my very own drag superstar, that of course, I wanted to do this to everyone I came in contact with. Unfortunately, it was a slow night, so I opted just to dragulate people who popped on my television screen or into my head. Here’s Steve Harvey and Jonah Hill. Don’t they make pretty ladies?



(Ok, we know they don’t…we all know you probably jumped three feet from your computer screen in an act of sheer terror.)

Then I decided to dragulate my favorite ginger gentleman, Benedict Cumberbatch. Since the moment I set my peepers on his lips and blessed by the heavens cheekbones, I’ve had a theory that he makes a hot man and a hotter woman. My hypothesis was proved correct thanks to Rupaul and the Dragulator. I rest my case.


 Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored or endorsed by RuPaul’s Drag Race or it’s Dragulator app. The views of this review are solely those of the author. 

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