What is Nerds and Nomsense?
Nerds and Nomsense is a website dedicated to spreading cool and interesting ideas, recipes, tips, events, and more to the Internet. . Whether you’re a stay-at-homer, video gamer, sci-fi buff, baker, student, tourist, avid reader, particle physicist, or an average Joe – there is going to be content on this site for all of you.

How often will new content be posted?

Our goal is to post awesome new content (either reviews, recipes, DIY, tech, or lifestyle) posts a few times a week. We’re also going to be posting during special times of the year – like during holidays, major events, and things around that nature. If you would like to be “in the loop” when we post new material please subscribe to our blog (there’s a widget in the sidebar) or connect with us on our FACEBOOKPINTEREST, TUMBLR, and TWITTER

Where are you located?

The unique aspect of Nerds and Nomsense is that our community of authors and contributors are located all around North America. From California to New York and from Ontario to Texas but our headquarters are located in Oklahoma, if you’re curious. We are joined together in the effort to make the internet more of an awesome place.


What is a Nerdship

Traditionally a ‘Nerdship’ is defined as thus: “Nerdship, a friendship that includes 2 or more people who enjoy each others company more online then anywhere else.”

What it means for N&N is this: The term Nerdship is the name we give to our lovely fans, subscribers, and followers. We would like to think of ourselves as one big, EPIC, nerdy family and you guys the reason why we do what we do. Welcome to the Nerdship. Sailing the U.S.S. Nomsense since 2013.

Are you accepting additional contributors or guest bloggers?

Every 6 months or so we will send out feelers for anyone who may be interested in joining our humble blog. If you are interested in being a part of that – please email us at

We are always looking for guest bloggers for our themed weeks. If you’re interested in being a guest blogger – please email us with the subject title “Guest Blogger Inquiry” and we’d be happy to talk with you more about it.

Can I use your images for my blog?
All images, whether they are photographs, drawings, or illustrations, are the creative property of the authors here at Nerds and Nomsense. If you would like to use one of our images for your post, please do not modify the original image. If you’re writing for a site that has Creative Commons rules, please email us and we’d be glad to figure something out for you.
Can I re-post your recipe/article on my website?
ABSOLUTELY! All we ask is that you credit us with a URL back to the original article. Please do not use our original photographs unless you have been given permission. All ‘re-posts’ will be mentioned on our Press page.

Are you currently seeking advertising partners?
We are accepting advertising partners on a case by case basis. All brands that are featured on our blog are all products/brands that we stand behind and think are awesome. With that being said – if you are interested in learning more about our advertisement side of things, please email us at