Say YES to the Dress


“When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out.”

—David Weatherford

I love to cosplay. Sometimes I pick something, but most of the time the outfit picks me. After seeing the second Hunger Games movie, Catching Fire, one of Effie’s dresses jumped out of me. Effie’s wardrobe was pulled straight from the runways, couture fashion especially that of Alexander Mcqueen, lending to the looks of The Capital.

The dress that called to me in particular was a lilac ruffled dress from Mcqueen’s 2012 autumn/winter line. Effie wears this dress at a party and is seen on-screen in it for maybe 5 minutes. But that dress! It haunted me!

So began my months long journey of recreating the Mcqueen dress. 15 yards of chiffon ripped into 2 inch strips and sewn one at a time on to the body of a dress I made. The project was time intensive and I would have to take breaks to work on other projects for the sake of my sanity. I ingested tons tutorials, learning as much as I could to apply different techniques to my project. I spent more money on this one cosplay then I have on any other cosplay I’ve done, not only on supplies but also a custom wig.


Her original debut had been at Dragon Con this year, in honor of Catching Fire filming at the host’s hotel. But, it’s harder to really gauge a costume’s success in the swell of the Dragon Con crowd. So this past weekend I took my Effie out to Austin comic con (Wizard World).


It’s always discouraging when you don’t get the reaction you hoped for when you’ve put so much time, money and work into a project. But does that mean that it wasn’t a success? No.

I am proud of what I’ve done. I didn’t cut corners and produced a beautiful end product, for me that’s success enough.

I sat in on two amazing panels at Wizard World, one by Sean Astin and the other by Tyler Posey. Both successful actors mentioned that they have struggled with self-confidence problems in their life. Astin shared how he’s had countless auditions that ended with a no. Despite it all he learned that it wasn’t a slight on himself. “Own it!” Posey preached, saying that even he works on trying to be more confident in himself. Posey also spoke about never being ashamed to seek help.



I couldn’t agree more, I often struggle with inadequacy issues and hearing two actors I consider successful admitting to feeling the same made my heart swell. Sometimes I think we all need to hear that it’s ok to feel bad, but we shouldn’t feel ashamed for things we’ve put our heart into.


If you’re interested you can check out more pictures of my cosplays at or on my portfolio tumblr

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