My First Con & Getting Ready for My Second

Since starting the forever remodeling project I have not really gotten out much. I try to keep up with news and pop culture overall but I have been lacking in my outside of work social events. Early March of 2014 however I broke with my normal hermit lifestyle and went to my very first convention for comics. Since I am going to Wizard World in Tulsa this next weekend I thought I would talk about my experience.


It was the Underground Monster Carnival. Despite the title it was not underneath the ground nor do I believe there were any real monsters. Also no Ferris Wheel and I stand firm that no event is a carnival without one. That said it was a great time.

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The con was held at the Oklahoma City Fair Grounds. It was fun because there was a craft show the same day next door that has aimed at elderly people who liked Precious Moments figurines (so people dressed like steampunk wolves was a great show worth of culture shock well worth the ticket price).It was additionally fun because it was awesome. There were wall-to-wall booths and tables from local writers, crafters, and culture clubs. Tons of quirky bobbles and art were on display for sale. The overall effect was the punk version of Portobello Road (though there was not near enough dancing).

In addition to stuff just to buy there were events the whole day for best costume, talent shows, and different zombie related carny games. It was festive and exciting but not near enough to see or do. We ran the whole place in a couple of hours. They did not have any big stars, panels, or lectures. For what it was however (a carnival) it was a lot of fun.


I ended up talking shop to the writers at their tables. I think they were excited for someone to talk to and I was more than happy to oblige. The single best moment of the day for me was picking up a comic book from Literati press, getting it signed by the author, and then seeing that one of my quotes from a review I did was in the cover. I think my tweet summed it up nicely:

Thinking about what I need to do differently for Wizard World:

  1. I need to dress up. Going in normal clothes was okay but I felt very out of place.
  2. I need to have more room on my phone for video/photos. I ran out of space on my phone and did not get nearly enough pictures.
  3. I need to bring more cash. I made on ATM run and it was worth it for getting some awesome books but I’ll need more if I’m heading to the big leagues.

So that’s my plan. I saved up a fair amount for bobbel buying. I upgraded my phone from 8 gigs to 32 (I promise it wasn’t just for Wizard World… Who am I kidding, totes was). Lastly I’m getting some spanking awesome cosplay together so I can fit in with everyone else.


What was your first con? Did you learn anything you would want to do differently the next time?

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