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In a off-the-cuff interview on Friday, the one and only Joss “The Boss” Whedon hinted about something completely awesome and it was confirmed by two other big names in showbiz and I can’t lie, IT’S SUPER-FANTASTICALLY-FULL-OF-AWESOMESAUCE-THAT-I-CAN-BARELY-CONTAIN-IT!  [/insert mental image of me fangirling to the extreme right here!] We’ll get to the big news in a second (if you’re anxious, you can just scroll a little lower) but first let’s have a little recap on the delicious creations that flow from his ginger noggin.

His work has been gracing cinema and primetime television shows since 1989, which I didn’t really realize. So… good on him. His first project was as a writer on Roseanne and now he’s in the process of filming Avengers II: Age of Ultron. As far as my top artistic/director/creators go, Whedon is definitely in my top 3! Did you know that he wrote for the first Toystory? Cause he did!  So add that to the list of awesome that has sprung from his cranium! Other obvious credits: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long BlogFireflyDollhouse, The Avengers, and Cabin in the Woods.

I could go on providing more fanservice to the great Whedon, but that’s not what why we’re here to talk about. In the last few weeks there has been image leaks for the next Avengers movie – Age of Ultron. It looks awesome! However, I don’t know how they’re going to cover the fact that Scarlet Witch and others who are mutants… without saying that they’re mutants since Fox still holds the copyrights to the word. Which is RIDICULOUS! There was a brief moment where Whedon was wanting to direct/write a new Wonder Woman movie but unfortunately the script was cancelled.  Sad panda. Hopefully one of these years it will be a thing because I think a well-done superhero movie with the main as a female super would fit right in.


So in a recent interview with one of the nerdy-news moguls, Whedon’s hinted tidbits became truth with an interview with Executive Producer David Fincher and Netflix Senior VP of Development Lirpa Sloof around something that may be of interest to the Firefly universe – in conjunction with Kevin Spacey and Netflix.

“Continuing our tradition of breaking new ground, Netflix is proud to announce that we have reached a deal with 20th Century Fox Television to produce 26 new episodes of Joss Whedon’s critically-acclaimed series FIREFLY,” said Netflix Senior VP of Development Lirpa Sloof in a statement released today. “Gripping, serialized one-hour dramas have become an integral aspect of the Netflix experience over the years and FIREFLY, thanks to Joss Whedon’s unique vision and his remarkable group of actors, goes a long way in helping to further our commitment to bringing our audience the best entertainment Hollywood has to offer.”

Needless to say, I’m freaking stoked about this. So much so that I’ve comprised a complete list full of the epic first episode and new season speculations.[It’s at the bottom of this article.] I’m hoping that they run things in line with the current graphic novel that’s out and about. After consorting with a few brown coats over the last few days and we’ve knocked a few things out of the park. Oh and they’re rounding up most of the original gang – including good ‘ole Mal himself since Castle will be wrapping up this next season. I’m not sure how they’re going to spin it now that there has been quite a number of years since Serenity… but I have high hopes and you should too!


Anywho, if you would like to read all of the sources and my speculations about this awesome upcoming season – click here! It’s got all sorts of internet goodies about Netflix’s latest move-o-awesomeness. And if you want to read the whole confirmation interview with the Fincher – check this out!

So are you excited about this awesome news? Let us know in the comments below and help us spread the good news!

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