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Sometime ago I wrote a piece in the examiner about the free eNovel ‘Gunship.’ The piece was less than flattering and I ended up rating the book a two star. It wasn’t the worst thing I had ever read but I was far from impressed. You can read the article here:

The essence of the article was that I felt like there were rough places in the story that needed to be flushed out and edited before it could be a great work. The same could be said about my writing on the subject however. I gave it a bad review but worse I gave it in a bad way.


There were several reasons for this; I had kept too tight of a writing schedule on a book already well past its due date, I was editing an amateur fiction journal largely by myself, and was also trying to hold down a full time job while writing at the Examiner.

All excuses yet none of them excuse doing a poor job. I felt bad about the review I had left but felt much worse when I was looking through my Amazon profile. I had left a hasty and plain mean review on Amazon.

John, the author, replied to my comment not with anger or spite but rather thanked me for being honest. I have seen several indie writers be much less generous. Most would curse you, blast hate on a blog, or worse track you down and begin spamming your inbox with hateful messages and lewd pictures of dolphins (not that I would know of course).


This simple act of just not being a jerk back to me really floored me. I was ashamed of my comment but so impressed with his reaction that I couldn’t take it down. To show that kind of integrity in the indie world is exactly what the industry needs–strong professionals that can take a bad review and keep trucking.

Finally when I went to learn more about John and how he could be so kind to a jerk like me I found this article:

It brought my idea around full circle. He is pushing forward no matter what critics have to say. He is being who he wants to be and writing what he wants to write. To me, that shows a high level of character, strength, and wisdom. To me, that’s a hero (an indie writing hero).

You can find his books on Amazon, Kobo, and Smashwords. His first book, Gunship, is free and his other’s are reasonable. His new series, Zombietown, hits internet shelves on December 1st.

As a closing note–upon further investigation I also learned Mr. Davis was a professional boxer for several years. John if we ever met in person, please don’t kill me.


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