Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014

Cincinnati Comic Expo 2014

The weekend of 9/19-9/21 was a super fun weekend for me and my sister. She drove up from Alabama to go to the Cincinnati Comic Expo with me. While I have been to a convention before (San Diego Comic Con 2009) my sister, Krystal, had never been to one and I was really hoping that this would be a solid first attempt! It delivered.

This was my first year going to the Cincinnati Comic Expo so I can’t compare to prior years but I heard many people say that it maybe tripled in size from the previous years. The first thing we did was make a loop around the floor to get our bearings. As whovians we were pleased to see so many vendors offering Doctor Who art, clothing, toys and other swag. we spent a lot of time in Artists’ Alley where we saw a lot of Doctor Who and Guardians of the Galaxy artwork. A few months ago I commissioned a painting of my pup Molly from an artist named G. Pike (see more of her work here) . I am VERY pleased with how it turned out! It is a very good likeness and if Molly could understand things that aren’t edible I am sure she would be flattered.


One of the things about the expo that we were most excited about was the photo ops. We really budgeted for getting a photo with the 8th Doctor, Mr. Paul McGann. The thing I really liked about this con was that it was not too small and not too big. This could really be appreciated when it came to the photo ops and autograph signings. The Sci-Fi Photo guys were super organized with how they sold tickets ahead of time. They also marked out places where people could start to get in line for the next photo op.


When it came time for the Paul McGann photo op my sister and I were nervous. We had never met a Doctor before! What if we were weird? We were maybe 3rd or 4th in line and had maybe been waiting ten minutes when he showed up early. He said hey, why wait, lets get this thing going! How nice was that? He could definitely have taken a break and gotten a snack. When it came to our turn we walked up to the Doctor and he says hello and puts his arms around us. He said something to the effect of “you two are an adorable pair of friends!” And of course we weirdly say simultaneously and way too excitedly “WE’RE SISTERS!” I can’t remember what exactly he said next because he squeezed us both and kissed us on the foreheads. Needless to say we were so giddy and it took a while to recover.



That same day I also had a photo op with the one and only Kaywinnet Lee Frye, Jewel Staite. And I must say the most cliche thing people say about meeting celebrities. She was so tiny! The funny thing I noticed is that when she walked in she was in ballet flats but she changed into these sky high platform stilettos so that she could be in the frame with everyone who was getting their picture taken with her. It was adorable. She really is a gorgeous lady. She’s gorgeous on tv and everything but in person she glows! I want to use whatever moisturizer she’s using, that’s for sure.


Of course as with any con or expo there were plenty of great cosplayers! I got pictures of a few of my favorites. There was this couple of teen boys that were really serious about their Sherlock and John Watson cosplay. The guy playing Sherlock would walk around with his hands steepled under his chin just quietly considering everything. I can’t get over how cute those two were. I really hope that the celebrities and artists that came to the expo this year found it as enjoyable as I did and come back next year with more friends. I definitely plan to go, and if you are in the area you should too!


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