An Interview with Eaddy Mays


I had the opportunity to meet you at this year’s Dragon Con. I was struck by just how kind and open you were. Even on the fan panel you were so gracious, not making it just about yourself but actually wanting to hear fan thoughts.  

Thanks, Bliss!  You were very generous with your time and patience and I appreciate you taking pictures and being a positive force in both rooms 🙂


I think one of my favorite things about Teen Wolf is how amazing all the actors are in real life. Making appearances, answering questions and your involvement with social media. Certainly none of this was required of y’all. So what lead to your choice to become involved with the fandom?

Many of the same qualities that the Teen Wolf Fandom loves about actors in real life are the same qualities that I see in the Fans.  I was struck by the encouragement, devotion, and most of all the willingness to share their plethora of creative talents…paintings, drawings, original songs, fan-fiction, video edits, and more.  I felt compelled to show my gratitude.  Social media was the only way I knew to do that.  By the way, when I first started Teen Wolf, I abhorred social media.  Now, I adore it!  <3



Let’s talk about the werewolf in the room for a moment. You have a tumblr … You’re braver than most. I actually follow you and I’ve got to say I am impressed by your grace when handling fandom. I think a lot of actors aren’t sure what to make of it and it’s become something of a joke. How do you manage?

   LOL…”werewolf in the room.”  That’s awesome.  This is a terrific question…especially right now.  PRIOR to you requesting this interview, I would have given you a slightly different answer.  NOW, however, since a podcast interview I did, I have a more …hmm…poignant answer.  Let me address your questions in this section piece by piece.  First, thank you for saying you’re impressed with how I conduct myself on tumblr.  I’m not sure you still feel that way after all that has transpired in the last few weeks, but I hope so.  

Second, I agree with you that a lot of actors are NOT sure “what to make of ‘It.’  But, I’m not sure why they are not.  I will say that it has been my general life experience that the Sci-Fi/Fantasy genre draws to it a particularly creative kind of audience member and I have been an AVID Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fan since I was a little girl.  Not every actor, in Teen Wolf nor other shows and films, may be as affected and influenced by Alternate Universes as I have all of my life.  I don’t know.   I DO know that I feel a kindred spirit to the members of Fandoms of this genre.  I’ve been told – both by Fans and by show business professionals alike – that I’m breaking all kinds of rules by engaging so often and so directly with Fans.  I don’t choose to allow that opinion to alter my decision to interact.  I love it.  I challenge those that challenge me on this point: “Do I have any less Right to be engaged in a Fandom than someone who is not an actor?”  I certainly don’t think so.  Thus, here I am.  

 Second (part 2, if you will):  you stated that “[fandom]’s become something of a joke.”  I disagree.  The Teen Wolf Fandom has become chaotic and contentious, in my opinion, but no joke.  NEVER was nor will it be a joke.  I feel physically sick and angry and stymied about the manipulation and disrespect that I believe has fractured this group of wonderful people into many hurt parts.  Yes, as you mentioned, some actors have laughed and spoken disparagingly about Fandom and this, in my opinion, is often a typical albeit unfortunate and unacceptable part of the human condition.  All my life, I have seen people ridicule and condemn that which they do not understand or that which is different from that to which they are accustomed.  This is true regarding differences in religion, physical abilities, race, sexuality, gender, nationality, etc etc ….and Fandom is no exception.  It’s not Just, but it still happens.  I will never mock this or any other Fandom.  In fact, I will do all I can to honor and support it — ALL aspects of it.  I don’t have to agree with or enjoy or share the likes and opinions of each person, but I will respect their Right to feel how they feel.  The only thing I will not tolerate is Hatred.  Period.  

…..Ugh, I could go on and on about this.  LOL ….that’s what happens when I’m passionate about something – I get verbose – but you have other questions for me, so I better move on…

   Lastly, the third part of your question, “how do you manage” I manage by remaining fully aware that I do not have “fans” or “followers” on social media….each tweet or post or encounter at a Con, is interaction with a person.  This is not some big group of “others.”  I am a creature that communicates with other creatures and we each have feelings.  It’s just that simple, in my opinion.


I understand you have your own story for Victoria’s backstory, which is heartbreaking by the way. And, because you’re also a mother, I’m wondering how much of your character was scripted and how much was just you?

   I can’t answer that with 100% certainty.  I know that choices I/Eaddy made to understand the Universe of Beacon Hills came very much from my real life experiences.  BUT, all of my dialog was written for me and adhered to by me.  Still, the reason I can’t answer you definitively is that I do not know how much the writers used or incorporated what they saw in me through the “thoughts” and decisions I generated as Victoria.  I tend to believe, and I hope it’s accurate, that Victoria evolved in the writers’ imaginations from choices I made for why Victoria did and said what she did.  


I know you’ve written a little fanfic yourself. What was that experience like?  

   Magnificent.  Hard as hell. Freeing.  LOL….I’d bet it’s that way for most people who generate creative works that are inspired by a show or movie.  I bet it’s that way for the creators of Canon!  An idea sounds exciting initially, but as you begin to try to bring it to life (written or drawn or sung, etc.) I think most people second guess themselves…LOL….or at least, I HOPE they do!  Because that would mean I’m not the only person who doubts the idea they want to express!  But, again, it brings me tremendous joy to share an idea (in whatever form – including acting, btw) that has a positive, transformative impact on another living being.  That is more wondrous than I can fully express.


Have you ever wanted to write your own episode of Teen Wolf?  

   Yes, BUT not until you asked me that question!  Really really.  Such a thing never occurred to me until you asked.  Would I LOVE to contribute to Teen Wolf Canon as a writer, but that will not happen.  For many many reasons, I believe that would never be possible.


You’ve also been keeping up with the show, it’s addictive isn’t it? Do you have a favorite episode?  

   Odd, but it is NOT addictive to me.  Isn’t that weird?  I watch Teen Wolf still because I care about the people who continue to make it and because I care deeply for the people for whom it is a passion.  If I didn’t know the cast and crew, if I didn’t love and appreciate the members of the Fandom, I don’t think I would watch it.  Fact of the matter is, Teen Wolf is the only show I’ve watched since “House,” and that was only on DVD.  I see movies all the time and go by myself and I greatly enjoy films, but not watching television.  For years, I almost ten years, I didn’t even have television in my home.  I literally got service just to watch Teen Wolf and professional Hockey.  I read and listen voraciously to audio books.  THAT is my addiction.  Oh, but you asked my favorite…Motel California is my favorite episode.  Loved it.  And the episode where the kids were locked in the school at night.  What episode was that?  I don’t remember the number, but I remember the plot and acting and it was a marvelous episode.


Fans may not be aware, but you got to do your own stunt when you fought with Derek/Hoechilin in Season 2. He’s a big guy and you were in some killer heels. What was that like?  

   The fight scene with Hoechlin was a fantastic experience!  You’re right, I did my own stunts, and I did them in four-inch heels…LOL…but, I had to ask (aka plead) to do it instead of the stunt double they had standing by.  I’m pretty athletic and used to train and judge MMA, so I passionately wanted to do the fight scene.  Hoechlin was incredibly gracious about it.  He could have vetoed my request in a heartbeat if he believed my inexperience would accidentally harm him or delay the filming process, but he didn’t!  He was a great sport….which is so very Hoechlin; always thoughtful and gracious.  However!  Your question referenced what a “big guy” he is…and that’s accurate, but size is relative!  And I’m a big gal !  So, frankly, he didn’t seem that much bigger than me.  But, then again, my body self-image is not always accurate.  Perhaps it’s most accurate to say that size difference didn’t occur to me; experience in stunt fighting did, but not size.  Hoechlin is a pro at doing his own stunts, so in that way, I felt most “out-sized.”  I hope that makes sense.


I love seeing behind the scenes footage of the cast, everyone looks so close. Do you have a favorite story from behind the scenes you could share?  

   Yes, I do.  In fact, too many stories to narrow it down to a favorite.  How about I list a few cast members and tell you some favorite moments with each, okay?  okay.  (TFIOS pun unintended here, but enjoyed nonetheless, btw 🙂

JR:  When it came time for me to shoot the scene where I put a knife into my chest, I did not want that to be a heartless, melodramatic scene, so I approached JR and asked if we could talk about it.  We had lunch together and talked at length about Victoria and Chris’s relationship, our feelings for Allison, and also technical aspects about how we wanted that scene to look and what we could do to allow the director to execute our vision.  He was wonderful  (I also remember him singing with Posey in the van one night while we were driving to “lunch.”  They’re so talented.  It kind of annoys me; no one likes my singing.  No one >.<)

Posey:  He is such a joy!  We spent a bunch of time sitting around while other scenes were being shot or when they were setting up our scenes talking about a variety of aspects in life.  We seldom talked about work.  I remember having lunch, just the two of us and talking about Love and relationships.  I won’t share details, but I will say that he is a candid, earnest man.  He makes me laugh (I remember him strutting around one day in my fur coat and looking very much like Hollywood’s depiction of a pimp….LOL…which I told him and which he found hilarious!)  

He is warm and exuberant with his joy and affection.  He’s also incredibly hard-working and I’ve never heard him complain.  I hope my own children have these qualities when they are grown.  I’ve told him that more than once, but I’ll say it over and over again because it bears repeating.  I love that boy (well, he’s a man, but I’m old enough to say ‘boy’ and I mean it with affection and high regard!)

Crystal:  The day we shot my “death” scene, she was on set, but our schedules didn’t overlap.  Yet, because, in all my experience, she is a tender, empathetic, considerate soul, so when I went to my trailer, there were over a dozen yellow and pink roses with a note from her.  I will always remember that act of loving kindness.  I dried those roses and they are in a vase in my kitchen still.  I miss that lady.


What about upcoming projects? Is there something else can we look forward to seeing you in?  

   Yes.  But don’t be mad at me if I don’t tell you what they are right now.  I will say this much: I have signed several LOIs (Letters of Intent) for several film and television projects, but you never know what will happen with a project.  Also, I LOVE acting, but I also love other aspects of this industry and have several things in the works there, too.  Ask me later and I’ll tell you more, deal?  Hmmm, seems like a thin answer, so I’ll add this, too: I would LOVE to do more feature film, especially villain roles and projects with horses, spaceships, or motorcycles….or all three!  LOL


On behalf of the Teen Wolf Fandom, if I may be so bold, I’d like to thank you not only for taking the time to chat with me, but for all you do. I think you are a wonderful example of living by Allison’s motto, we protect those who can’t protect themselves. By example I think you’re really helping make us die-hard fans look less feral. Thank you.

   It is truly my honor and privilege so to do.  Making film and television projects that create transformative experiences for others is the most miraculous and gratifying experience I can imagine.  Since interacting with the fandom, I can now add that appearing at Live Events, being involved in social media, and doing interviews, such as this one, also adds a richness to my life that I treasure.  So, thank YOU, Bliss, for wanting me to share my thoughts and experiences.  And to you, reading this, thank YOU.  I appreciate your passion, your support, and your interest.  Forgive me my short-comings and please always remember you have my respect always.

in Peace,




We would like to thank Eaddy again for giving us (N&N and you, Nerdship) the opportunity for this interview! We are excited to see what she will be involved in on the horizon. If you would like to learn more about this brilliant actress, please head on over to her website:

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