A Guide for Giving to the Nerdship


I don’t know what it is about this season, maybe its the fact that we had five inches of snow at my house this past week. But I am SUPER ready for Christmas. I already have most of my presents bought and wrapped.

Even though I have most of my presents already bought I really struggled on what to get everyone this year. I still haven’t really gotten my husband anything. Am I the only one? It seems like everyone already has everything they need. What can you get someone who already has everything? So I have been scouring the interwebs for possible presents for a variety of nerds. Maybe this will help others that are having my same problem.


Science Nerds: Periodic Table Name Sign

I thought this personalized name sign was so cool. It’s very unique and I like the way it uses the elements of the periodic table to spell out the name. It’s definitely something that you wouldn’t have to worry about someone already having. Also it seems like something you could even try to make yourself!

Link   photo 1


Space Nerds: The Planetary Society Membership

This is definitely a gift that keeps on giving all year. With the membership to The Planetary Society you are helping to support the society but you also get their newsletters and info on events throughout the year. Also right now they are throwing in a pretty cool t-shirt with the membership, so you will have something to wrap and put under the tree!

Link photo 2


Book Nerds: Pride & Prejudice Bracelet

As someone obsessed with Mr. Darcy I LOVE this one! It’s cute and you could wear it everyday. Plus this Etsy store has other book themed bracelets so if Pride & Prejudice isn’t your girl’s thing, no problem!

Linkphoto 3


Comedy Nerd: Bill Murray Key Holder

I’m saying this is for comedy nerds, but really, who doesn’t love Bill Murray!? Given the fact that he randomly shows up at people’s house parties I think that if you put this in your entryway you have a real chance of having the actual Bill Murray be pretty impressed with it.

Link photo 4


Foodie Nerd: Stovetop Popcorn Maker

Not only could this item be a great gift for a foodie nerd but I think it might also be great for a movie nerd as well! This is something that I don’t think someone will already have, and something people would definitely use. It looks really fun and I bet the popcorn tastes GREAT!

Linkphoto 5



Sports Nerd: Tabletop Cornhole set

For the sports nerd who has everything! I think this is something that really would appeal to people age 8-80. Once it’s unwrapped on Christmas morning, I can’t imagine it will stay in the box for long. MUST PLAY IMMEDIATELY!

Link photo 6


Pregnant Nerds: Lil’ Asskicker/Baby Timelord Tees

Let’s just say that the cool factor of these shirts makes me want to get pregnant. These are a must have!

Link   & Link  photo 7 photo 8


White Elephant: Squatty Potty

Last but not least a great idea for the office white elephant party. If you don’t know what white elephant is it’s a game played where people bring in really weird gifts and it’s kind of like dirty Santa where there’s some stealing involved. It’s really fun and if you want all the precise rules you should Google it. The squatty potty makes me giggle.

Link photo 9

I hope this nerdy gift roundup helps give you some ideas! It actually helped me think of things to give and to ask for! If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them! Please leave them in the comments below!


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