Why You Should See Movies Alone


I know there’s a terrible stigma about seeing movies alone, but I’m here to clear that nonsense up. There is nothing wrong with seeing movies alone. Not one thing. Zero Things wrong. Seriously. It’s baffles me that so many people think there is something wrong with seeing movies on your own, just because it is associated with not having anyone to see movies with, and therefore being a terrible lonely loner with no friends at all. That just isn’t the case. I think seeing movies alone is fantastic and these are my reasons why:

  1. I do it all the time and I am a super cool human.
    I’m not sure when I started seeing movies alone, probably sometime during university, but I started seeing movies alone and now I can’t stop. Also, I am super cool. Really. That should be the only reason you really need, but I’ll continue.

  2. You don’t have to worry about pissing off/being pissed off by the things the person you’re seeing a movie with.
    I have some friends that hate any and all noise during movies, and some friends that get quite chatty during movies, and either situation can ruin a movie. It’s a terrible thing to have a movie ruined for you by something that isn’t the movie; but, if you’re seeing a movie by yourself, this really isn’t a problem. Only the movie can ruin itself.

  3. If you’re ashamed that you want to see the movie.
    See: any dance movie ever. I have a soft spot for any and all dance movies, and they are generally pretty lacking in plot and/or acting skills so not only does no one want to see the movie with me, I am slightly ashamed that I love dance movies so so much. The problem is solved by my seeing dance movies alone.

  4. If none of your friends want to see the movie.
    Not everyone has the same taste in movies, and sometimes you can’t find a single friend to go see a movie with you. Don’t miss out on seeing something you want to see just because you can’t find someone to see it with you. It took me quite a while to wrap my head around that and I missed quite a few movies in the mean time, so the easiest solution is this: go see it alone.

  5. You have a free afternoon
    Movies are a great way to spend an afternoon. Especially when the weather isn’t perfect. They are also a great way to give your brain a quick break from whatever is going on in your life. They are also great in general. Afternoon movies also have a lot less people. Which is good because people can be the worst.

  6. Movies are cheaper during the day and when you’re alone.
    This is 100% fact. Less people means less money and matinee movies also means less money. Which is more money for other things. Seriously, afternoon movies on your own might be the best thing to happen to you.

  7. It’s an excellent excuse to eat a stupid amount of candy in a dark room with no one passing judgement.
    The amount of candy I’m drawn to eating during movies is embarrassing, but when I see movies alone I have no problems with shoving my mouth full of sugar and enjoying my movie. Movies alone are a judgement free zone, and that can be very freeing. Not only when it comes to candy.

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