Superb Owl Sunday 2015


It is that time of year again. That time of year where everyone in my life talks about yard-lines and penalties and tight-ends and I let them talk at me, as I nod sagely and respond “Sports” in varying tones of voice, depending on where I feel the other person is at emotionally. It works fairly well, to be honest. But there is one day a year when the sports conversations go in to overload. Where I can’t just nod and shrug my way through conversations. That day is Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl Sunday is hard to ignore. People talk about the game, of course, but also about the commercials and the food in a way that seems inescapable. There are a dozen bars within 2 blocks of my apartment that already have signs up advertising their Super Bowl specials. It’s insane.

So, as a little escape from the madness, it’s time for the return of what is, perhaps, my favorite yearly tradition. Ladies and gentleman, welcome back to Superb Owl Sunday.

Just by switching the placement of the space by one measly letter we go from celebrating dudes in matching outfits jumping on top of each other to celebrating a majestic and terrifying creature. And majestic and terrifying are among my very favorite adjectives.

Here is how Superb Owl Sunday works; you find a picture of a really cool owl, you share that picture of a really cool owl, you repeat as necessary. Simple, right?

Let’s begin.


This fella is a Great Horned Owl. These owls assume this position when they feel that they are under attack. This is the position I wish I could assume when people try to talk to me about football. I feel like it would be a lot less terrifying coming from a 4’10” blonde then from an animal who’s beak is sharp enough to break skin with minimal effort.


Here is a small Snowy Owl. He looks young but wise, and a little confused. He is how I feel every time I come across a tweet from Jaden Smith. It feels like it exists on another plane, and knows far more than our mortal brains can ever know. It sees everything.


This is an owl on a skateboard. Nothing else needs to be said.


These little buddies are so happy together. Look how nice they look. How affectionate. I feel like they are dating, and probably have been for a while—a couple of years at least—and the one on the right is going to be gone at a conference for work over Valentine’s Day and feels very bad about it so he’s trying to get his date in early and his boyfriend thinks Valentine’s Day is kind of overdone, but is touched that his partner cares enough to try to make it up to him, even after all this time. They will have a much more romantic evening then the previously mentioned 4’10” blonde girl who is currently sitting on her couch in her pajamas writing romantic stories about owls.

Credit: Linda Walcroft


This owl slept through her alarm, again, but really can not- CAN NOT– be late for work today because he boss is already on her case about the copies she left in the cab that one time, but it really wasn’t her fault, she was just distracted by that email, and you know what??—she doesn’t need to explain herself to you. She was up late working on the presentation and had three shots of expresso this morning and isn’t really sure if she still possesses the ability to blink. Her hair drier is broken, so her hair is a frizzy mess, and just once—ONCE—she’d like an easy morning where things go right. It’ll happen one day. It will.


Brad was not expecting this when he came downstairs in just his towel. His birthday wasn’t for another week, and it’s a Tuesday for god’s sake—a Tuesday!—so he had no inkling what so ever that his girlfriend was going to be throwing him a surprise party. Brad’s friends were just as shocked by him as he was by them… though in a slightly different way.


This Barn Owl is who I would be if my soul had to take an animal form. He is clearly not here for your bullshit. He is judging you, but also kind of mostly judging himself. His fur is oddly patterned, because he was never so good at recognizing complementary colors and dressing himself well. He has good hair though—really good hair. He’s smart, of course, but kind of goofy. The other owls roll their eyes at his jokes. He is a moderate level hunter. He is a good owl. I like him a lot.


Thank you, friends and strangers, for joining me yet again for my favorite nonsense holiday. Go share the owl joy with others! Tweet me photos of your favorites. Share pictures on Facebook or Instagram. Make the world a happier (and owl-ier) place.


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