SyFy’s Dominion 8-Ball Halloweeen Makeup Tutorial


Strike up the band and cue the song “This Is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas. We have finally (and officially) arrived to October A.K.A. the best month of the year for people who like to do crazy awesome makeup!

Since getting the okay to do video makeup tutorials from the boss, I’ve been chomping at the bit to do some kind of spooky, yet simple Halloween tutorial to kick off our official series. (Yes, the Cut and Torn tutorial is part of this series… but that’s more for an effect rather than for an entire look.)  I wanted to start things off with a creepy look that doesn’t require 11-billiondy things and didn’t use any sort of sfx products like spirit gum, liquid latex, prosthetics… etc. I also wanted to make something that was relatively quick to complete.

I chose to go with an 8-Ball from the new SyFy show, Dominion!  They’re super creepy and their costume is just normal everyday clothing. Woot!


I’m going to go ahead an apologize for the awkward video intro from me. I’m new to this whole tutorial thing so I promise it can only get better from here.

List of Products Used:

For the Face –

  • Light foundation (if you don’t have light foundation, you can always mix a bit of white cream face paint with your regular foundation) – Using Naked Skin in .5 (because I’m super pale 75% of the year)
  • Ben Nye Death Wheel and Zombie Wheel (any kind of cream paints will work if you don’t have these. If you plan on doing more SFX / spooky looks I highly recommend these two. They’re awesome.)
  • 91% or higher Isopropyl Alcohol (WARNING: Do not get this in your eye – it will sting like the dickens) for mixing with the cream paints / Ben Nye Wheels
  • NXY HD Setting Powder – Translucent
  • NXY Eyeshadow in Taupe for contouring. You want to make sure that your contouring colors aren’t too warm toned. Remember, you’re mostly dead.
  • Light colored face powder – using BareMinerals in Fairly light

For the Eyes:

  • BH Cosmetics 26 Neutral Palette: Light Brown / Dark Brown / Purple-ish toned light brown.
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow in W.O.S. (light, yellow toned highlight color) and Slowburn (orange-ish coral color)
  • Concrete Minerals Pro Matte eyeshadow in Risque (true red) If you don’t apply any sort of base to your eyes, this color and Slowburn will slightly stain them.


For the Lips:

  • Concealer – using MAC NC-15 Pro Concealer
  • Urban Decay eyeshadow in Demolition
  • Ben Nye Cream Paint in Dried Blood (in both wheels)
  • Graftobian Thick Blood, totally optional but worth it for the effect. Any kind of gel blood will work, as long as it’s safe for the mouth area.

Brushes: random artist brushes from the art store for the veins, sonia kashuk synthetic crease brush, Real Techniques crease brushes, contour brush, stippling foundation brush, and a random walmart kabuki brush.

Contacts: GEO-Ultra-CK105 from Pinky Paradise… they’re great for those of us who don’t have the $100+ dollars to shell out for scleara lenses. Plus they will make you look like Mr. Sparkle from the Simpsons when you first put them in.


Tips and Tricks:

On doing veins: Practice on your arm first. You don’t want to be heavy-handed when you paint them on your face just because natural veins taper at the ends. Veins are not perfectly straight either, think of them as little lightning bolts all over your body.
If you are going to wear some clothes that don’t cover your upper chest/neck area or sleeves I suggest adding more veins all around your body. Since I was just chilling at home, I really didn’t go past my neck.
When you are working with veins around your eyes be very careful not to get the paint/alcohol in your eyes. Alcohol does evaporate so it may irritate your eyes if you paint a little too close. It doesn’t sting for more than a few seconds but it is super annoying and not safe for your eyes in the long run.

On sinking in your eye sockets: When ever you’re creating extra dimensions with makeup you always want to be sure to build up your color rather than just slapping a lot on at once (it’s easier to fix a little then a lot). Start with a light brown color, this will help you blend everything together and work as a transition color between your shadowed area and the highlight.

On Contouring your face: Before you get started poke your face with your fingers so you can feel all the bones in your face (don’t poke yourself in the eyeball… that hurts). This will give you a better idea of how your bone structure is and then we can use that to create a more realistic looking contour. Just like you did with the eye sockets, you’ll want to build up the color.
Places you’ll contour: hollows of your cheek, temples, around the hairline on your forehead, along the tendons of your neck (don’t forget the back of your neck if you’re going out dressed up like an 8-ball), nose and brow-bone area, and Cupid’s Bow.
Make sure that your contour color isn’t too warm or bronzey otherwise it will just look like you are dirty. Taupe is a nice shade for those of use with fair colored skin. If you have darker skin I suggest sticking around the dark grey side of things.


On making your eyes look infected / irritated: You want to be very sparing with the amount of red eye shadow you use. It needs to be subtle so take a teeny-tiny amount and add it to the inner and outer corners of your eyes and then blend them out with your finger. If you add too much you can always go over them with some light brown shadow (the same light brown that you used in your crease) and do a little damage control. (Also, my eyes look super irritated already thanks to me having the lovely combination of some sort of bug plus allergies.)

Costuming: 8-Balls / Eight-Balls are super simple when it comes to adding a costume to your makeup. They, like serial killers and psychopaths, look just like everyone else. If you are wanting to add some more blood to the picture, I recommend taking a trip to Goodwill or The Salvation Army (or just go garage sailing) for a disposable outfit.

So that’s the tutorial, I hope you guys enjoyed it. If you have any questions please feel free to comment below and I’ll answer them. Our next tutorial is inspired by the awesome Treasure Map Nail Wraps that we reviewed from Espionage Cosmetics last week. You should definitely take a minute to check them out and if you like that sort of thing, they’re offering super awesome backer rewards on their Kickstarter until October 6th. 

We are also taking a few suggestions for Halloween tutorials since we’re going to be doing two video tutorials a week from now until Halloween. If you have anything you’d like to see, please leave a comment and go ahead and hop on over to our YouTube Channel and subscribe!

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Long live the Nerdship!

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