Battled-Beauty Pirate Halloween Makeup Tutorial


The days grow darker. The wind, a little colder. And somebody managed to steal all my treasure. Oh no! They will pay for that!

Welcome to our next Halloween Tutorial for 2014, Nerdship. Tonight we are going to be creating a battle-scarred and fierce pirate look that can be worn three different ways: split face (like the one shown), completely scarred face, or no scars at all and just a fierce deep purple smokey-eye. How awesome is that?


To be completely honest, this wasn’t the first idea that I had that was inspired by the Treasure Map Nailed It Nail wraps from Espionage Cosmetics. I originally wanted to actually draw bits of maps on my face but for some reason when I tried it initially it just looked like I was having a bad plastic surgery. Oh sad day! This tutorial turned out better than I hoped because it is a fusion of beauty and gore – which is awesome!


For the beauty portion of our pirate I decided to do a warm-toned deep purple smokey eye… because pirates… and purple suits my eyes as well as my skintone. Well, that and I was channeling a fusion of Gena Davis from Cutthroat Island and Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean. It’s a weird combo, I know, but it works.  [Below is a picture of what the makeup looks like without the SFX contact in to give you a frame of reference. If you want to see what just one side looks like take a piece of paper and cover up half of the picture below.]


If you would like to see how to recreate this look, please watch the tutorial below! Feel free to ask any questions if you need clarification on anything.

All told, this tutorial took me about an hour and a half to create. If you would like to speed up that time, make sure you have a hair drier with you to help speed up the drying time of your scar wax and rigid colloidal liquid. (Also, it took me longer because I was filming).

List of Products Used:

Note: You DO NOT NEED the specific products used, just use as close of a color as you have and your look will be fine! 

For the Face:

  • Primer: Benefit’s Porefessional Foundation Primer
  • Liquid Foundation: a mix of  Bare Minerals liquid foundation in Bare Shell and Bare Linen
  • Face Powder: Maybelline’s Fit Me Face Powder in 110
  • Contour: NYX matte eyeshadow in True Taupe
  • Highlight: Laura Geller’s Glow Box (highlight color, not the bronzer)
  • Blush: MAC mineral blush in Warm Soul
  • Setting Spray: MAC Fix+ Setting Spray and skin finish

For the Eyes:

  • Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Cream Base: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
  • Sugarpill Cosmetics: Bulletproof (sooty matte black), Chaos (metallic purple), and 2AM (warm, matte purple)
  • Wet’n’Wild Fergie Collection in Dutchess Lounge (specifically the warm purple sparkle color which is in the top right corner of the quad)
  • Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 Palette: Primal (warm deep brown), Frisk (warm taupe), and Skimp (light, shimmery taupe)
  • Liner: Kat Von D Tattoo Liquid Liner in Trooper
  • Waterline: Urban Decay 24/7 Eye Pencil in Black Velvet set with Bulletproof for extra staying power
  • Lashes: Fright Night’s Mesmerizing Lashes (from Walmart) They’re very full and whispy
  • Eyebrows: NYX matte eyeshadow in Betrayal (deep, dark brown) if you’re wearing this for long amounts of time, set it with a clear gel

For the Lips:

  • NYX Lip Pencil in Nude
  • NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm
  • *Feel free to change-up your lip color and go darker and vampy

For the SFX:

  • Spirit Gum and Spirit Gum Remover
  • NYX Wonder Pencil in Light – to help block out your eyebrow and to help map where you’d like the scars to go
  • Keloid Scar (aka the scar around my eye that puffs out): Graftobian Modeling Wax (like scar wax, but more user-friendly). Smooth it out  by running your finger along a damp makeup wipe and then using your finger to smooth out the edges. It helps the wax not stick to your finger.
  • Ben Nye Professional Death Wheel  – specifically the yellow-flesh toned cream paint to highlight the top of the keloid scar.
  • Urban Decay eye shadow in Limit (rosey-taupe) to outline all of the scars.
  • Contracture Scars (aka the little scars on my lip and cheek that sink into the skin): Rigid Collodion Liquid. Build up about 4-5 layers, letting them dry in between applications for deeper looking scars. If you are planning on wearing this look all night I recommend applying the Rigid Collodion liquid prior to your foundation. If it starts to peel up due to movement, apply some clear eyelash glue to help hold it down. Be very careful when removing these, especially around your lip area – always use Spirit gum remover and take your time – don’t just rip/peel them off or you might lose a layer or two of skin with it.
  • Ben Nye Professional Zombie Wheel – specifically the dark brown cream paint to go in the center of your contracture scars, giving them the illusion of more depth.
  • Contacts: CamoEyes’ “All White” contact lens (in the ‘dead’ eye). They are non-prescription so I recommend putting them in last if you have bad eyesight and need glasses (like me). Be very careful that you do not get any makeup on the contact as you’re placing it in your eye. Never line your eyes prior to putting contacts in. We will be writing up a full review on these (and our other) CamoEyes contacts at a later date. I will say for now that they are super comfortable and extremely affordable. If you want SFX contacts for Halloween, don’t wait till the last minute to buy them! 


  • Distressed ‘Leather’ Pirate Hat – the Halloween Store
  • Wig: Long brown wavy wig from Amazon
  • Hair Accessories: Feather clip in from some dollar jewelry store.



I love that this character totally looks like she can kick some major butt and take over an enemy vessel.

I don’t know about you but I loath the whole “sexy” pirate motif. While this pirate is definitely attractive, it’s not blatantly sexualized – which makes me happy. For the costume, I literally went to Goodwill and found a flowy/peasant looking top that had a wide enough neckline that I could position it over one shoulder, added a wide belt and either some leggings or a flowy long skirt with some boots.

If I was going out to a shindig like this, I would definitely beef up my accessories with some leather cuffs, gold rings, and some necklaces. [Below is a picture of the eye patch that I made, in case you wanted to see a closeup of the detail! I’m super proud of it! Love, love, love making props!] I will mention that if you decide to wear an eye patch over top of your scar you may want to set it with a bit of additional spirit gum or liquid latex to help prevent the wax from deforming or sticking to the patch itself. DO NOT APPLY LATEX STRAIGHT TO ANY AREA WITH HAIR SUCH AS EYEBROWS, BEARDS, SCALP, ETC…. you will lose said hair when you try to remove it.




Stay tuned for another awesome makeup tutorial coming out late-late Sunday night or early Monday morning! Hint: It’s going to be something magical! Be sure to follow us on all of your favorite social medias for up-to-date posts and sneak peeks into future tutorials/projects/posts. 

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If you recreate this look, we would love to see it – be sure to use the hashtag #nerdsandnomsense on any of your favorite social media sites so we can see your creation. Do you have a tutorial you’d like to see? Tell us in the comments below! We love to hear from you, Nerdship. 

Thank you again to Espionage Cosmetics for being my muse for this look as well as another HUGE thank you to CamoEyes for sending us some awesome SFX contact lenses to review/feature during a few of our Halloween Tutorials! You guys rock!

As always: Long Live the Nerdship!


Disclaimer: The contacts (All White SFX Contacts) were supplied to us for review by While the product was provided, all opinions are completely 100% honest and our own. 

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