Ideas for (New) Drinkers

Ideas for New Drinkers

I don’t know about y’all, but when I turned 21, I had no idea what to drink or how to drink it. I ordered what other people ordered and slowly figured out what I didn’t like: most beers, and super fruity drinks – to be honest, my taste in alcohol is more in line with a 60 year old man than a 24 year old lady.

Now that I’ve been drinking for a few years, I can pretend that I’m an expert and can answer some of the questions that I had a few years ago:

Bought a Wine That’s Way Too Sweet for Your Taste?

If you’re anything like me, you hate wasting alcohol. It takes a lot to get me to throw away a bottle that isn’t completely empty, so having an almost full bottle of wine sitting in my kitchen makes me very sad. Chill the wine in your fridge, mix it with ginger ale (it’ll cut down the sweetness of the wine), and some ice and you’ve got yourself a spritzer! They’re great for summer and for getting rid of too sweet wine.


Not sure if you like a liquor?

Mix it! Don’t mix it to hide it the taste, but try to pair it with something you know you like. A lot of liquors on their own are …icky, but mix it with soda or lemonade and it could change your life. The 8 oz cans they sell at the supermarket are a great size for making mixed drinks.


Should You Buy Cheap?

Quite rarely will cheap wine be good. The same goes from liquor. There is a time and place for super cheap alcohol and that time is college and that place is parties. Even then, it’s still going to be a poor choice. Cheap liquor will taste terrible and make you feel terrible. The only time this idea is alright is if the liquor store happens to be having a sale.


Is mixing wine/beer and liquor bad?

This one is hard. Part of me wants to yell about habits and how drinking responsibly is important. And it really is. Really. If you want to drink like an adult, act like one.
But for realsies: in my experience the ‘beer before liquor get sick quicker’ adage is true. If you consume slowly, spread out your drinks over the evening, and keep on drinking water – you’ll be ok.


Is Drinking a Lot in a Short Amount of Time a Good Idea?

This might seem obvious, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has experienced the aftermath I’ll say it anyways: drinking 5 beers in an hour might seem like a fun/cool idea at the time, but trust me, getting sick while you’re still drunk is the worst. Not only because your friends will never let you live down thinking you were blind (because your eyes were closed) and I know for a fact that you’ll be convinced that you’re dying.


Don’t Like Beer But Feel Like You Should?

First of all, PAH, who says you have to like beer? You totally don’t. But, if it’s for the look of the thing: try beer-ish things. Cider is slowly but surely becoming more and more popular in the states, and most bars carry at least one. Lager has been around for ages, so it can easily be found in bars and supermarkets. Lagers like Pilsner and Bock are pretty widely available, so you’re likely to have had them before; but might not have tried wheat beer or stout – both a bit darker and (often times) more bitter than your average beer.


Don’t know what you like?

Learn! Try some simple classics: gin and tonic, jack and coke, cranberry vodka, rum and coke, beer, cider, wine, shandy (beer + ginger ale), spritzer (wine + ginger ale) and see what floats your boat. I am not a gin, vodka, white wine or light beer girl. And I’ve only learnt that through 4 years of trials and tribulations.


Hopefully, that’s cleared up some of your questions and not created any more. Alcohol is great and fun, but: be safe. Be an adult. Have Fun.

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