Drink and Spill: Jordan’s Taste-testing Adventures with Beer


Here is a list, in no real order, of everything I know about beer;

  1. Beer is an alcoholic beverage.

  2. Sometimes people give it to me and I drink it.

  3. Making beer is called brewing.

  4. People seem to have a lot of emotions about beer.

  5. There are lots of different kinds at the international grocery store across the street from my apartment.

So, in honor of Nerds and Nomsense Beer Week, I decided it was time for a taste test. I headed over to the store and picked a few beers that sounded interesting or had cool bottles.

I am in no way claiming this was professional or scientific, or that I have any idea what I’m talking about. I don’t know any actual terms about beer. I am making all of this up as I taste-test. So consider yourself warned.

‘Here goes:


The first beer I tried was Young’s Double Chocolate Stout. I like chocolate, so it seemed like it might be a relatively safe choice. It has a 5.2% alcohol content and comes in a can, which means it’s easy to transport for all of your tailgating or “getting drunk in locations that are not your house” needs. It tastes a little chocolaty, but mostly like coffee. Which is probably a plus for a lot of people, but even the smell of coffee makes me sick, so I think I’m going to be avoiding this beer in the future. It’s bitter, and a little acidic. Not really the sweet kind of taste I was expecting.


After that I tried a beer called “Czech Rebel Beer.”  It was a lighter color, which I think means that it is less bitter. This entirely non-educated guess, based on my very limited beer drinking experience was true in this case. While I don’t know much about this beer—the label was mostly in what I am assuming is Czech—I actually really enjoyed it. The taste was almost fruity, and the carbonation added a fun fuzzy feeling on my tongue.  The bottle was 16.9 Fluid Ounces, which is plenty large, and only cost me about $3. While beer is probably never going to be my favorite, I can definitely see myself buying this again.


My third taste test was the Rekorderlig Premium Strawberry-Lime Hard Cider, which was in the beer aisle, so I didn’t realize it wasn’t a beer until I had already gotten it home. It’s alcohol content is 4.5% but it straight up tastes like juice. Delicious juice. I feel like I can never allow myself to buy this again, because it is delicious and i can’t even tell that I am drinking alcohol, and that feels very unsafe. It’s fruity, which I love and fairly sweet. I’m fairly sure I actually just drank the alcoholic equivalent of a Capri Sun.


I have a lot of feelings about Banana bread.  I’m a stress baker (aka the best roommate ever) and banana bread is my go to I-have-something-nerve-wrecking-coming-up-so-let-me-channel-all-that-anxiety-in-to-cooking food. Which is why I got super excited when I saw Banana Bread Beer. It’s from a company called Wells, and the label tells me that it was actually brewed with bananas. And while it was delicious, I’m not sure it actually tasted like banana bread. The flavor was almost like caramel, and the color reminded me of the candy as well. I enjoyed this one, but I don’t know if I would buy it again. It’s a fun thing to be able to say that you have tried, but probably not something I would enjoy drinking regularly.


Overall this was a fun experiment. I’m still not a beer person, I don’t know if I ever will be, but I liked getting to explore a bit of what is out there.

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