The Fine Art and Subtle Science of the Mixtape


Ahoy there, Nerdship! I am a big fan of the homemade V-Day surprises… sweets, treats and tokens of love are easy to make and brighten your sweetie’s day more if you make it yourself. Plus, it saves you some greenbacks. I have been making the mister a mixtape (note: actually a CD, since tape players are kind of hard to come by anymore. Back in the day, I would sit vigilantly with my boombox and record stuff from the radio onto a tape, usually missing the first few seconds…) with custom-made sleeve nearly every Valentine’s Day we have been an item. Usually, I try and mix in both classic tunes and modern ones, some sincere and some cheesy. This year, I’m going to change it up a little and make a theme mix: ska and rocksteady.

First, the track listing.

I am all about using my internet resources wisely. Get your music lined up from whatever music resource you prefer.  Extra points for meaningful songs (ie: we kissed and this song was on, this song always reminds me of you, etc).

The good people of Reddit’s r/ska had posted up a list of good ska love songs, several of which I grabbed for this list. Here’s the ones I’m going with:

Second,  the sleeve. I am all about the paper crafts, so this is often my favorite part!

Start by cutting the actual sleeve out of paper. You can do it in one long rectangle,  then fold/glue, or 2 squares glued/taped.


Then, put the track listing on the back.


Then, decorate the front.




What kinds of homemade stuff do you like to do for your sweetie? Tell us all about it! 🙂

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