DIY: Sugarpill Cosmetics Pro Palette


Makeup is something that I’m rather fond of, especially when dealing with SFX looks for Halloween. I started building up my Makeup XP back around 2007-ish and since then my makeup skills and makeup collection have grown. Over the past couple of years I have fallen in love with a brand of makeup called Sugarpill Cosmetics. For starters, the owner is an absolute sweetheart and all of their products are awesome!  Their shadows are extremely pigmented, easy to blend, and are more reasonably priced than MAC or Urban Decay. They are also one of the few companies out there that have a super pigmented red, orange, and yellow and it makes me really happy because I tend to wear those colors more often than not.


Anyways, let’s rewind to IMATS last year when they had given some of their super secret “pro pallets” to various makeup gurus and artisans as a “You’re awesome! Here have something that nobody else can have… until maybe later… we don’t know yet…” gifty thingy. The pro palette features 12 of their eyeshadows (specifically all of the shades from their quad pallets: Burning Heart, Heart Breaker, and Sweetheart). Pictures of these amazing pallets made their way through the various social medias and makeup lovers across the world were like “WHERE CAN WE GET ONE!?! GIVE US THE PRECIOUS! NAOW!!!” Sugarpill first said that they weren’t going to release this to the public… but since then they have changed their mind YAY! As someone who loves this product and uses it often, I will gladly say that if you are into makeup and like wearing bright colors or are a makeup professional – this is the only “big” palette that you will ever want to use.

For people like me who already have a lot (okay, all) of their original pressed shadows, buying this pallet when they release it in the Spring (or at IMATs) is a little redundant so I built my own after doing a little research.


Isn’t it pretty?! I’m quite proud of it.

What’s that?! You want to know how I did it? Well keep on reading and I’ll tell you!

Look at all the pretty colors....

The Supplies:

  • Your 12 SUGARPILL eyeshadows – in various forms of single shadows or quads.
  • A straightening iron
  • Aluminium foil – specifically 2 – 6”x12” pieces.
  • A small, thin kitchen knife – preferably one who you don’t really care about.
  • Tweezers
  • A small nail art dotting tool or de-potting tool. I ended up using one of the pointy thingies from my XBOX repair kit. Pointy thingies are the technical term. Obviously.
  • 1 – EMPTY Ben Nye Pressed Colour Palette | $9 (I bought mine here)
  • Paper towels
  • A Sugarpill Sticker – You get one of these with every order from their online store. 
  • 90%+ alcohol, medical grade. You can buy it at the drugstore.
  • Not pictured: A standard hammer – or jewelry hammer if you have one.



  1. Obviously, gather your materials and make sure that you have a relatively clean place to set up shop. It’s not like you’re going to perform brain surgery or something weird like that but you are dealing with things that you put on your body so keeping things mostly sanitary is just good practice. Also, make sure that wherever you decide to work is hot temperature friendly – I’m not saying that you’ll burn your fingers off doing this DIY but when dealing with hot things like straightening irons, it’s best to err on the side of caution.
  2. Fold each piece of your aluminum foil sheets in half, twice – first width ways then length ways. Then give your straightening iron two little aluminum “sweaters” like this:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-19
    Pro Tip: This helps you protect both your eyeshadow cases and the elements of the straightening iron in case you accidentally leave your eyeshadow case on there a bit too long. Plastic + heat = melty plastic.
  3. Depending on how long it takes your iron to heat up, you should probably turn it on now. I had mine set to 350°F and it took less than a minute to heat up.
  4. While that’s heating up, we can go ahead and depot any shadows that you have in the cardboard quad sets… since they’re the easiest to depot.
  5. I love the cute designs that Sugarpill puts on their quad pallets, but for the purposes of keeping everything all in one spot we’re going to FREE the eyeshadows from their cardboard prison. DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-14
  6. When you depot your shadows – both from the quads or the single cases – you need to be very gentle and careful. Take your knife – or tweezers or slender tool – and work in between the cardboard case and the eyeshadow pan, slowly loosening it from the container. There is glue underneath the pan so you have to gently pry it up like so:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-15
    You WILL end up causing a little dent to the cardboard wherever you wiggle the pan up from. It’s nothing major, just a little cosmetic damage. Once you remove the pans from the cardboard – just leave them to the side.
    Bonus: If you want to use the quads for mini pallets, grab some magnetic sheets, cut out 1.5” circles and glue them to the bottom of each hole… then next time you need just a few colors for touch-ups you can swap them from the big pallet to this small one – with a mirror!
  7. Now that your straightening iron is nice and hot, we can begin the more time-consuming portion of this DIY. For starters, you’ll need to remove the sticker first, so just set your container on one of the iron elements (that’s been covered with foil):DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-21Then wait about 30-45 seconds and take it off of the heat. It will be a little hot so please don’t burn your fingers. Flip your case over and carefully remove the sticker on the back either with your fingers or with some tweezers. You can keep the sticker and attach it to the finished pro palette or you can just get rid of it. DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-22
    If you wait too long, you will risk burning / melting the sticker and then you can’t use it. I messed one up because I was distracted by Instagram and this happened:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-23
    Whoops… mah bad.  Oh well, I wasn’t going to use these stickers anyways.
  8. Once you take the stickers off you should see a little hole on the bottom of the individual case:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-24
    This hole is there for a reason and that whole reason is so you can ‘easily’ depot your eye shadows. Let me just say this – it’s not that easy but it’s not terribly difficult, especially if you are doing 8 eye shadows. After finishing this DIY I feel like a de-potting pro now.
  9. Put the container back on the heat for about 2 minutes and be sure to shift it around every 30 seconds or so so things don’t start to stick or melt. Depending on how hot your iron gets, you might need it to sit there a little longer or a little less. Just don’t walk off.
  10. Once it’s been on there for a couple of minutes, take it off of the heat – IT WILL BE HOT SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL. Set it upside-down on a paper towel and take your dotting tool/slender pointy-thing and carefully push through the hole. The goal is to loosen up the pan from its container. If it’s not budging, set it on the heat for a few more seconds.
  11. After you’ve loosened it up and the pan has started to come out of the casing, take your knife and slowly work around the edges – like you did with the eye shadows in the cardboard quad. Just don’t be over-zealous with your prying skills otherwise you might crack your shadow:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-27IF YOU DID END UP DOING SOMETHING SILLY LIKE THIS, NEVER FEAR – WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO FIX THIS AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS DIY!
  12. Repeat this process until every shadow has been depotted. The plastic containers may warp a little when you’re pushing the pans out – but it’s minor and won’t affect the container if you want to use it again.
  13. Now that all of your eye shadows have been freed it’s time to move to the big palette itself. There are several options out there when it comes to making your own palettes (Z-palettes, refilling empties, making your own from scratch, etc), but I like to keep things simple and classic. The Ben Nye Pressed Colour palettes are the perfect size for the Sugarpill pots. And as an added bonus – they’re magnetic and already have little holes at the bottom of each well, for easy depotting. (And it’s a LOT easier to depot from these types of palettes than the sugarpill ones.). Just pop in the pan and off you go.
    Note about the palette: I found this online from CRC Cosmetics for $9, which was the cheapest place (with the lowest shipping) that I could find and I’m quite happy with it. It also came with a plastic slip cover that I will most definitely keep and use with the finished palette. Downside – it’s already branded but that’s fine – that’s why we have #14.DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-8
    OH BEFORE I FORGET! The palette manufacturer was so nice and already punched little holes in the bottom of each well… but… some of the holes have pushed up the surrounding area and the pans don’t sit flat in their spot. Never fear – take your hammer and carefully hammer those areas back down. DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-9
  14. Time to brand/glitz your palette to match its inner awesomeness. One of the cool things I like about Sugarpill is that with every order they send you a sample and a sticker along with your purchase. Want to know something even cooler? The sticker is just large enough to cover the pallet’s original branding. Just plan where it needs to go, peel the sticker and place it. Voilà!
    And you can’t even tell that there was any writing underneath it in the first place. Whoo hoo!!! Don’t you just love it when a plan comes together?
  15. Here comes the hard part… determining what order you’d like your colors to go in. I’m a tad OCD so it took me a few minutes of swapping colors around to decide the order they should be in. Good news is that if you are ever unhappy with the order or simply get bored with it, just pop them out and switch them around. DIYSugarpillProPallet-NerdsAndNomsense-PanDance

And then you’re done!!!


From left to right:

Top Row: Poison Plum, 2A.M., Dollipop, Love+, Flamepoint, and Buttercupcake
Bottom Row: Acidberry, Midori, Velocity, Afterparty, Mochi, and Tako

The only shadow that’s missing is Bulletproof but I did that on purpose since I use it pretty much all the time. Bulletproof is the most, amazing black I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with – super opaque, smooth, and blendable. Sugarpill also released 4 new metallic shadows in their Cold Chemistry Collection. I don’t have them yet… (hint hint, if anyone wants to get them for me, I’ll gladly accept them and take them off of your hands. /grin)

Also, post de-potting carnage:DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-38

because sometimes crap happens...

Alright so you were taking your shadows out of the pans and crap! something happened. Either you scratched/poked the surface or you accidentally unleashed your inner hulk and were a bit too forceful when prying out the shadow from the case. That’s okay – we can fix it! 


This was the first single shadow I was trying to depot… I didn’t hit the sweet spot between the pan and the case… and this happened. NOOOOOOO NOT POISON PLUM!!!! My soul cried a little and then I realized that I had everything I needed to fix the mishap. I’m fairly sure you do too, so go us for being prepared and all that jazz even if we didn’t realize it!

WHAT YOU’LL NEED: Paper towel, Saran/Plastic wrap,  medical grade alcohol (90% or higher), a toothpick (or thin pointy tool) and a pipette dropper (or your clean finger… if you’re in a pinch).

  1. Figure out how big your eye shadow ‘whoopsy’ is. If it’s most of the pan you’ll have to mash-up all of it, drop some alcohol on it, cover it with Saran wrap and press it all down with the palm of your hand.
  2. If it’s just a small dent or ding, take your toothpick and carefully breakup any of the bigger eyeshadow chunks then try to push them back into the hole/crack that they initially came out of. Take your plastic wrap and place it over top of the eye shadow then CAREFULLY apply pressure to the messed up area so that you smooth everything down. DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-30
    I couldn’t find the Saran wrap (those mischievous Nargles… always absconding with things when I need them.) so I just used a paper towel. Note: you’ll lose more shadow if you do it this way so stick with the plastic/Saran wrap.Press down fairly firmly and then carefully lift up. After that take your isopropyl alcohol and place about 5-6 drops around the damaged area and let that dry. I would not recommend trying to depot any of these shadows until they are dry – just in case. DIYSugarpillProPallet_Ann_NerdsAndNomsense-29
  3. Let your eye shadows dry completely and they’ll be as good as new.

There you have it, your very own Sugarpill Pro Palette and you don’t even have to wait till later on this Spring to buy it. Hopefully this DIY was fairly simple to follow, I tend to ramble a bit so I’m going to apologize for any confusion in advance.

If you have ANY questions or need some help with your own pallet, please don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments or ping us on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr.

Would you like to see more makeup DIYs and or tutorials on Nerds and Nomsense? Tell us in the comments below.



Disclaimer: The products and reviews on this post have not been endorsed by Sugarpill Cosmetics or any other company. They are the sole views of the Author. 


  • melissa says:

    this is genius. i was excited about the pro palette at last years imats but unfortunately it sold out before i got my hands on it, so i just bought the three palettes. now that the pro palette will be available soon, i didn’t want to spend more money on all the colors i already had but still want the convenience of having them all in one place. i was also excited that the palette you used was inexpensive and it resembles the actual sugarpill palette. thank you so much for this!

    • Ann says:

      Essentially the Ben Nye palette and the Sugarpill palette are the exact same – with a minor differences on the design on the top. I was kinda in the same boat as you so I decided to make one myself. The good news is is that once you hit pan on each of those shadows – you can EASILY switch them out for new ones instead of dealing with a partially empty palette until you can buy a new one. When you make yours, let me know how it turns out. 🙂

      Oh! What’s your favorite Sugarpill shadow? Mine’s Buttercupcake.

  • kimmie kimmie says:

    that fixing broken eyeshadow trick is GENIUS!!! Pinning away!

    • Ann says:

      I’m planning on making a full post on how to fix different kinds of makeup (eye shadows, lipsticks, etc) in March. So definitely the ‘fix’ will probably be in another post with more tips. (Oh and thanks for the pin, BTW!)

  • Lisa says:

    Thanks! Love this. OCD me would have wanted the pro palette it in roy g biv order anyway and own more than half of the colors in individuals, so i’ll do the same 🙂 This may be better than the original. The only way it could be better is if there were room for bulletproof too, but agreed, i use that all the time with other conservative work appropriate looks, so maybe ok to be on its own. Thanks for the tip on where to find the ben nye empty palette for the best price. Ordered!

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