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Recently, we were contacted to ask if we would be interested in hosting a giveaway for the latest volume in Cinda Williams Chima’s Heir Chronicles series, The Sorcerer Heir. The publisher was kind enough to send us all five books in the series so we could give it a read and see if it would be a good fit for our readers here. Over the last week and a half, I’ve plowed through the first three books and am halfway through with the fourth, and I’m loving every minute of it.

The Heir Chronicles are a series of YA fantasy novels, but they’re not your typical elseworld pseudo-medieval fantasy. This is more along the lines of urban fantasy, with a present day setting. Each book in the series focuses on a different main character, but all of the tales tie into each other, allowing you to revisit past characters and see them grow along with each book’s new protagonist. The books are primarily set in the town of Trinity, Ohio. It’s your typical small town in most respects, but is also home to a rather sizeable magical population of wizards, sorcerers, enchanters, warriors and seers. The Weir, as they are known, are divided into five guilds which have been ruled by the wizard guild for centuries while the normal population (Anaweir) live out their days in ignorance of the magical folks around them. The struggle between the underguilds and the wizard guild is an underlying driver for most of the conflict in the grand scheme of things, but each book does a great job of tying the personal elements of the main characters’ stories into the bigger picture.


The tales themselves are well written and enjoyable to read, with fantastic fight scenes, political intrigue, personal friendships, and the occasional love story. There’s even a bit of computer hacking, which made me very happy to see. Too often characters in magic-focused books tend to act like technology doesn’t exist. All in all, I highly recommend this series of books and will be purchasing my own copy of the Sorcerer Heir since we’re giving the one we have now away to one of our lucky Nerdship readers. I promise not to read it first.


The series should be read in order for maximum enjoyment, but since each tale is separate, you can read any one by itself and have a good feel for the world that Chima has created. If you want to give them a go (and I highly recommend you do), here’s the order of the series:

The Warrior Heir
The Wizard Heir
The Dragon Heir
The Enchanter Heir
The Sorcerer Heir


If you’d like to check in on what else Cinda Williams Chima is up to, check out her site or follow her on Twitter.



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Not-So-Fine Print:

This giveaway/sweepstakes will be open for entries starting on November 1st  at 12pm (CST) and will continue through November 12th at 11:59PM (CST).

The winner will receive the ENTIRE collection (Books 1 through 5) of The Heir Chronicles

This giveaway/sweepstakes is open to all Nerdship members in the United States and Canada. We apologize to our members outside North America, shipping is crazy expensive and takes forever!

We will announce the winner on this blog post as well as on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages on Monday November 10th at 12pm (CST).

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No purchase is necessary.

We do not accept entries from fake, spam, robot, or giveaway accounts. And yes, we will check. During past giveaways we have had to disqualify entries due to the reasons listed previously. We don’t like having to do so but in the interest of keeping everything fair and awesome here on Nerds and Nomsense, we must.

Any tweets or Instagram image-reblogs must be made public so that we are able to verify them. Please open your account to PUBLIC from 11/8-11/9 so that we may check if your entry is drawn. If it is not public, we cannot verify it and that makes us sad.

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Disclaimer: The publisher sent us copies of the books for the purpose of review. No compensation of any kind was offered or implied in return for a favorable review. Prizing & samples courtesy of Disney Hyperion. Giveaway open to US & Canadian addresses only.



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