072012RoadTrip-173-2Mortimer J. Sockington, III was found in an urban jungle by two travelers during the Summer of 2012. He puzzles scientists, politicians, and professional burger flippers alike.

In his few years since creation (the tag on his butt said 2010), Mortimer – or Mort for short – has dreamed of adventures. Since meeting two illustrious bipeds one sultry summer’s afternoon he has been able to travel further than any professional sock monkey has before.

Many refer to him as Mortimer the Adventurous, Do-er of Great Deeds, and Mythical Consumer of Pizza. You should bask in his glory if you ever have the opportunity to be in his mighty presence.


Favorite thing to eat: Pizza. But not crappy, cheap, greasy pizza. One of quality. One of legend.

Favorite Spice: Peppermint

Favorite Dessert: Cotton Candy spun from diamonds.

Favorite Drink: White Birch Beer.

Favorite Place to Eat: The Original Bluth Banana Stand

Favorite Place to Travel: … it’s more about the journey then the destination.

Favorite Motto: “Oo-Ee-Oo Ah ah. Ting. Tang. Walla-walla. Bing. Bang!”