Michael is an unapologetic conservative Catholic who hopes in his heart that his own biography may destine him for a happy ending.

After earning his broadcasting degree, he had a stint as a radio broadcaster for the news talk and sports format. He concurrently became a blogging pioneer authoring the first and longest running hockey blog Confessions of a Hockey Fanatic. He currently endows his uniquely subtle creativity to his shows on YouTube.

Favorite thing to eat: Cheesy Breadsticks

Favorite Spice: Mel C. “Sporty”

Favorite Dessert: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream

Favorite Drink: Rum and Cola

Favorite Place to Eat: Rivertowne Pub & Grille in North Huntingdon, PA

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere in the “terrific triangle” of Pittsburgh, Erie and State College.

Favorite Motto: “If I quit now,… they win.”