Laura (over)thinks, figures out stuff, and makes things.


Favorite thing to eat: Dark chocolate most anything.

Favorite Spice: Ginger? Is that technically a spice? Let’s go with it.

Favorite Dessert: Crème Brûlée, especially with some orange to it. I’ve got a personal Crème Brûlée clause that states if it is an option where I’m dining, I must have it.

Favorite Drink: So much. Belgian beers, fruit juice (no banana!), sweet tea, bubble tea.

Favorite Place to Eat: Philly. I wouldn’t know how to pick just one place in that city, I could easily give a week’s worth of recommendations off the top of my head.

Favorite Place to Travel: Ecuador / the Galapagos Islands was a pretty notable trip.

Favorite Motto: You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.