Summer2014_NewAuthors_userimagesKrystin- Bio picture-

Krystin is what she calls a “stealth” southern belle living in Cincinnati with her husband and sausage dog Molly.

She loves most nerdy TV shows, Sherlock and Doctor Who being top faves. She’s in love with small towns, flea markets and October. She enjoys painting, canning preserves & pickles, and growing roses (basically being a grandma). She’s also passionate about volunteering and is active in her local Junior League.


You can find her on Tumblr:

On Twitter: @splendidkrystin

And I’m on Pinterest, my username is Kymckim


Favorite thing to eat: Fried okra

Favorite Spice: Anything Cajun!

Favorite Dessert: Cheesecake or pecan pie

Favorite Drink: Margarita

Favorite Place to Eat: Eli’s BBQ in Cincinnati

Favorite Place to Travel: Waynesville, OH- The Antique Capital of the Midwest

Favorite Motto:You gotta let ‘em know you’re there.