Kevin  is a classically trained chef, but that only goes to his head most of the time.

He, along with his partner-in-crime, willing accomplice, wearer of the pants in the family, creator of Pancake Day, brains of the operation, liaison between people and the Chef aka his wife Devon, are currently involved in starting a catering company and bakery.  When he is not cooking for a living he can be found with Devon at home in their kitchen, working on entries for THEIR food blog Food Porn From the Bible Belt (which can be found on Facebook and on the web) or stuffing his face at the many food trucks around OKC that he loves.

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Favorite thing to eat: I have to pick just one thing?!?!?!?  It depends on where we are eating that night and what I’m in the mood to eat, unless there is anything with pork on the menu and then its anything made with pig meat.


Favorite Spice: Again I have to pick only one?  It depends on what I am making.  Although you will ALWAYS find plenty of Cumin in our spice cabinet, and bulbs of fresh garlic on our counter.


Favorite Drink: Diet Dr. Pepper (product plug) or Cafe Sua Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee)  I seriously live on this stuff and its not pretty if I haven’t had either in the morning.


Favorite Dessert: Anything that my lovely wife Devon whips up in the kitchen is my favorite.  Her Pink Lady cupcakes and her Chocolate cake (which she impressed my mom with for her birthday) are two of my all time favorites that she makes.


Favorite Place To Travel: As long as the local cuisine is available I’ll go anywhere and eat anything (except organ meats.  Great flavor but a weird texture)

Cooking Motto: Don’t Worry I’m a Professional.  I have another one but it is something that I got from Devon so it would be better if she used it as her motto.