Kate is a lady, non-professional photographer, internet/scifi/book fiend, with lots of receptionist, childcare and travel experience.

She just recently moved back to Dallas after having lived in New Zealand for a year. She loves the internet, feminism, reading, fashion blogs, animals, nerd culture, space (she won’t say astronomy because she is terrrrrible at physics) traveling, Indian food, history and Netflix. Seriously, try living without it for a year and you will realize what a special beautiful snowflake Netflix is.

She will mostly be posting bits and pieces about traveling and how to do it well, and why traveling is so important. She is also super into crafts and painting, so you can look out for some DIYs as well.

Where Else: twitter and her other blog


Favorite thing to eat: Indian. All day, every day.
Favorite Spice: Curry? Does curry count? If not, then rosemary.

Favorite Dessert: Lemon bars

Favorite Drink: Mojito, or red wine.

Favorite Place to Eat: Monsoon Poon (Wellington, New Zealand), Taste of Home (Wylie, Tx)

Favorite Place to Travel: New Zealand. But i’m pretty biased.

Eat Well, Love Well, Travel Often.