Jennifer is a hairdresser by trade and a level 20 kitchen mage by the grace of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

She lives with her fantastic boyfriend Zach, who also loves to cook. When she’s not getting her groove on in the kitchen or behind the chair, she likes trying to make/grow things, reading, and singing about everything with her barbershop chorus.

Twitter: @anerdnamedjen

(Jennifer has lovingly become our Assistant Copy editor for Nerds and Nomsense and we think that she’s pretty darn swell.)

Favorite thing to eat: Anything that won’t eat me first! I love fresh vegetables and experimenting with bold flavors. Lately, I’ve been killing some beef phở.

Favorite Spice: cumin and chili powder

Favorite Dessert: blood orange sorbet or chocolate chip cookies

Favorite Drink: margarita

Favorite Place To Eat: Coriander Cafe in Norman

Favorite Place To Travel: anyplace where I can get a good cocktail, sleep as late as I want and don’t have to clean up after myself.

Cooking Motto: Food is edible love.