Devon is a writer, baker, and troublemaker.

She is married to Kevin. She believes that food is the most pure expression of love. She has lived all over the world, and has found her happy place in Oklahoma, where she plans to open a bakery and catering company with her hubs, and have a goat farm with milk and meat goats, cattle dogs, some kitty-kats, and maybe a baby human or two. Baking appeals to her because it is orderly and measured, and too often the world is not.

Favorites are so arbitrary – here’s mine today:

Favorite thing to eat: Pizza.

Favorite Spice: Garlic, followed closely by cumin.

Favorite Drink: As much as I hate to say it, diet Dr. Pepper, followed closely by cafe su dac.

Favorite Dessert: Caffe Pranzo’s Kahlua Torte

Favorite Place To Travel: I loved S.E. Asia, but there’s a lot I still have to see.

Cooking Motto: “The only two things that should be approached with equal abandon are cooking and love.” – The Dalai Lama