David-2David is a former New Yorker, San Diegan, Arizonian, Washingtonian, Jersey Boy with a rapier wit specifically designed for careening overly serious discussions into the oncoming traffic of tomfoolery and general drollery.


Favorite thing to eat: Homemade Italian recipes passed down six unspoiled generations into the hands of a capable home chef.

Favorite Spice: Basil, the universal language of spice.

 Favorite dessert: Anything with cream cheese.

Favorite drink: A good coffee with a pleasant flavor intended for black -or- the polar opposite of any Starbucks roast.

Favorite place to eat: Cavallo’s.

Favorite place to travel: San Diego, CA. The Dark Lord givith, the Dark Lord takith away.

Motto:Every moment is the last of its kind.