Brooke’s interests are delightfully anachronistic ranging from 20th Century American pop culture (specifically anything and everything produced during the 1960s), to Bollywood films, to 19th Century literature.

Basically if it has anything to do with film, music, literature, or art she wants to know about it. Hallmarks of this not-so-closet geek and pop culture junkie are perpetually painted nails and a penchant for milkmaid braids that would make an Alderaanian princess jealous.


Brooke also has a crazy opportunity this year to make a temporary move from Nashville, TN to Bordeaux, France and she’s very heureuse about it. If you’re interested in keeping tabs on an American abroad (the culture shock tweets alone will probably be worth it) feel free to follow Brooke on her various social media accounts!






Favorite thing to eat: Everything. But especially Thai green coconut curry

Favorite Spice: Basil

Favorite Dessert: Drumstick ice cream cones. The ones with caramel in the middle, obviously.

Favorite Drink: Diet Coke, a.k.a “nectar of the goddesses”

Favorite Place to Eat: Taco Mamacita in Nashville, TN

Favorite Place to Travel: Road-tripping through America while listening to the band America. Also, very much in love with London.

Favorite Motto: “And though she be but little, she is fierce.”―William Shakespeare