Ben has been training to be a nerd his whole frakkin’ life.

He’s a writer, a podcaster, a web monkey, a comic book collector, a musician, a tech junkie, a weight lifter, a researcher, and a consummate pun hound.  In a previous life, he spent a few years getting a couple of degrees in film studies.  Currently, he’s finishing up a PhD in Rhetoric and Composition and teaching writing courses.  Mostly, he spends time with his superdog, Sam and watches way too much TV.


Favorite thing to eat: Bacon cheeseburger pizza taco.  It’s complicated.  And messy.

Favorite Spice:  Dune.

Favorite Dessert: Sugar steak.

Favorite Drink: Appletini.

Favorite Place to Eat: A table.

Favorite Place to Travel:  As long as I can drive, I’m golden.

Favorite Motto: “We are the facilitators of our own creative evolution” – Bill Hicks