Angelina is a seamstress by trade and a nerdy grandma by choice.

She keeps vintage hankies tucked in her sleeves for her perpetually itchy allergy nose. She loves making things for people, mid-century modern design, silent movies, good typography, vintage crockery, and is obsessed (maybe to a slightly unhealthy degree, but shush) with the show Twin Peaks and the musician Jack White. One day she will start her sewing blog, but until then she will inflict her crafty mess on the Nerds & Nomsense audience.

Favorite thing to eat: I’m terrible at choosing favorites. I do enjoy a good bacon cheeseburger, though.

Favorite Spice: Pepper!

Favorite Dessert: Maybe cheesecake. Or chocolate. Oh wait – pie!

Favorite Drink: Tea, always with sugar, sometimes with milk, never with honey.

Favorite Place to Eat: La Baguette on Main in Norman

Favorite Place to Travel: Anywhere that has a great art museum, BBQ, & a band I like playing a show.

Favorite Motto: “He who seeks beauty shall find it.” -Bill Cunningham