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Attention Nerdship! There be a Comic Con this weekend in the city of Dallas and we’re going to have a representative from our humble little blog there in the flesh!

In honor of this awesome occasion… one of our bloggers, DAVID, will be con-ing it up tomorrow (Saturday, May 17th) at the Dallas Comic Con. He will be walking around and checking out all the glorious stuff, not to mention live tweeting or instagramming. As a shout out to all you awesome members of our beloved Nerdship, we are going to play a little game. No, not that little game. There will be no sawing of limbs or creepy frakking dolls in this one. 

The rule is simple: FIND DAVID!

DavidFace_NerdsAndNomsenseHere’s a picture so you know who to look out for. David is amazing and is knowledgeable in all things geeky and nerdy and awesome. He will be moving around the expo throughout the day and will be tweeting and instagramming a few pictures as hints. Feel free to strike up a conversation with him, take a picture with him, etc. The first person to find him, go up to him and say “DAVID! I FOUND YOU!!!”  gets a really nifty prize pack and the next 5 people after that get card for a pretty nifty discount for everything at our Etsy store. He’ll also have plenty of N&N cards to hand out so don’t be a stranger.

David will be looking around and most likely taking pictures, so don’t be shy.

What’s in the awesome prize pack, you ask? 


Well, all of these goodies of course. This prize pack is special because it’s got two limited edition N&N swag AND a $20 gift certificate to our Etsy store (more Etsy store news at the bottom of this post). Oh and the winner will get a shout out on our blog and social media pages for being awesome.

  1. $20 Gift Certificate to our Etsy Store. 
  2. The first official Nerdship keychain.
  3. A super awesome, rare-earth Nerds and Nomsense fridge magnet
  4. And a Dallas Comic Con-exclusive N&N business card. 

Seriously, who doesn’t love free stuff?! NOBODY, THAT’S WHO! And as an added bonus, anyone who takes a picture with David tomorrow and tags us will get an additional special surprise!

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Etsy Shop News

... because we've got some!

As of right now, we’ve got one lonely listing on Etsy… but soon… soon there will be more. MUCH MORE! Starting this Sunday through the entire rest of the month we’ll be adding items to our humble little shop. Jewelry, nerdy art, digital items, and more. We’ve been working on things like busy little bees.

As always, all proceeds of our Etsy shop go towards the upkeep and maintainance of our site: www.nerdsandnomsense.com

It will be fun. Will you join us?


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