Hey Nerdship! We’re back and ready to boldly blog our little nerdy hearts out. 2015 is looking to be the best year yet. We’ve got several goodies for you this month including some for Valentines/Anti-Valentines Day, Mardi Gras, the return of Superb Owl Sunday (coming at you later this afternoon!), and much, much more!

…but where did you go?

Eh, it’s been a crazy last few months. Between everyone having holiday and family obligations, vacations, being sick, etc… we’ve had to take a couple of months off to recoup and refresh our N&N brains so that we can continue to bring you more awesomeness 5 days a week! Don’t worry, though. Our hiatus has ended and we’re jumped back on the bandwagon.

What can you do to help?

We love you guys and we love hearing from you guys! We are currently in the process of moving our Tumblr over to it’s new home, so if you are on Tumblr and like to tumble things – please go stalk us: @nerdsandnomsense \\ http://nerdsandnomsense.tumblr.com/ … ALSO! We are currently taking recommendations for new libations and fandom-inspired creations so if you’ve got one you’d like to see us try to make/recreate – LET US KNOW!!!!

We are still working on our theme weeks for the year so if you have any suggestions, let us know in the comments or shoot us and email (info@nerdsandnomsense.com).

In closing, we just want to tell you how awesome we think you are and we will end with this epic closing from Blazing Saddles…

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