Local Gems: Big Top Candy Shop


Walking down the eclectic street that is South Congress in Austin it’s hard to miss Big Top Candy Shop: it’s always bustling and the front glass is decorated like an old school Malt Shop.


Being very typically Austin, it’s ‘Open ‘Til We Close’ which is generally around 7-830 on weekends and earlier on weekdays. The staff are super friendly (even when very busy) and can help you find anything in the store or can suggest one of the delicious truffles in the display. The Sea Salt Caramel is my favorite, with the giant peanut butter cups coming in a close second.


But Big Top is more than just your run of the mill retro Malt Shop: it is the shake shop, the unique candy shop (with over 300 types of bulk candy and over 2000 types of pre-wrapped candies – and a lot of candy that I fell in love with in New Zealand but haven’t been able to find anywhere in the States) and the fine chocolate shop. I haven’t personally tried any of their malts – damn my lactose intolerance – but my sources say that they’re ‘to die for’ and ‘so freaking good’.


One of my favorite things about Big Top is the Atmosphere. Worthy of a capital A. It’s ye olde circus themed and I love it. Makes you feel like you’ve been transported back to the turn of the century. It’s a ton of fun and always crowded.


It’s been open since 2007 and is well worth a visit if you’re in Austin, especially if you’re wandering down South Congress – a great place for a sunny day in Austin! There are a lot of niche shops and yummy/very Austin places to eat.


For more information check out their FAQ page on their website, or just head down to South Congress! Look for the Big Yellow Elephant and you’ve found it!


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