What’s Your Awesome Mix?


A few weeks ago, like the rest of the free world, I saw Guardians of the Galaxy. Once I got past the initial shock of  “Wow! That was so much better than expected” and suppressed my dumbstruck grin,  I’ve devoted my existence to telling everyone how great it is…one by one trying to sell it to everyone. [Tangent: Naturally, to the ladies, I mention the shirtless scenes with the suddenly buff Andy Dwier…ahem…I mean Chris Pratt. To the manboys, I mention the fact that there is a smartass raccoon toting weapons .] Being that you are reading a blog with the word “Nerd” in it, I am gonna assume you don’t need my stellar salesmanship, so instead – I am going to give you an assignment.

As you know, the soundtrack to Guardians of the Galaxy is perfectly on point and kind of becomes the 6th guardian. The juxtaposition of the 70’s familiar hits against otherworldly action sequences acts as the gateway for people like me who are not huge comic book savants. [Tangent: Seriously,  don’t tell the Nerdship, guys!] The Awesome Mixes volume 1 and [spoiler alert] volume 2!, which consist of hits like Cherry Bomb by the Runaways and Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede, get you pumped and make you deliriously hyped up and happy.

This led my boyfriend and I to discuss at length about what would be on our Awesome Mixes. What mix tape would I take with me to outer space to keep me in good spirits and in kick-ass mode? Because I am a child of the 80s and was a teen in the 90’s, I opted to take my cues from that era, but truthfully, your mix tape can be whatever you want it to be! They don’t necessarily have to be cool or make you seem hip.

Here is a sampling of mine…I dare you not to feel like you can steal an orb after listening to this!


Never There by Cake

This song has all the makings for getting pumped. Sweet baseline. Horns. Random call and answer shout style refrain.


Somebody to Shove by Soul Asylum

This makes me want to fight someone or at the very least dance violently.


Kiss me Deadly by Lita Ford

Any song that opens with, “I went to a party last Saturday night…I didn’t get laid…I got in a fight” is bound to be a timeless sentiment for interspace travel.


Kiss off  by Violent Femmes

Totally 100% self-explainatory, right?


Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel

If you are going to be defending outer space, you have to be fearless and of course, love piano pop!

So what is on your awesome mix?

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