Superb Owl Sunday 2014


My biggest fears in the whole world are squirrels and birds. I understand that some people fear like, heights or death or whatever, but those people just don’t understand the sheer terror of the furry and feathery little hell demons found in trees.

But yet, I love owls. In theory, more than in practice. I don’t want to hang out with one, but I really like looking at cool pictures of them on the internet. Which is how one of my favorite personal traditions began- Superb Owl Sunday.

On the infamous Sunday, when basically everyone I know is celebrating the Super Bowl… I’m celebrating Superb Owls. I think it’s way more fun. So in the spirit of my completely made up holiday that I celebrate entirely by myself, here are some cool owls and interesting owl facts!  This post is 100% full of ridiculousness and cuteness, and I have no shame about it.


This is a snowy barn owl. He looks like he is staring in to your soul, but in a fun way and not a dementor-trying-to-keep-you in-Azkaban-way. He looks like he would be really soft if you touched him, but I would recommend not petting owls. They have really sharp beaks.

This little dude looks kind of annoyed and confused. You know when someone just won’t stop talking to you and you don’t understand why, and you want them to stop. This guy gets it. He understands your pain.


This one is kind of terrifying but serene at the same time. I can definitely admire it through a computer screen, but if I ever saw this guy in person I would be screaming louder than Severus Snape when confronted with shampoo. His wingspan is very impressive. If I tried to spread my arms like that I would look much less graceful, and also silly, because humans can not fly.


This is not an alien or the abominable snowman, but a baby barn owl. I KNOW, RIGHT?!  I can’t even think of how to describe the sheer joy that this picture brings me. Look at it. Just look at it. Fluffy confusing perfection.


Here is an owl on a skateboard, because the world is sometimes a beautiful and magical place.


This one is a painting, but look how bashful it looks. You can almost hear it thinking “Who me? Oh, no! I couldn’t get up on that stage!” In my mind this owl is a high school girl with a really good voice whose friends are pressuring it to sing an amazing song it wrote at their local talent show. Is that weird?

Now we’re gonna wrap this up with my very favorite owl picture. It’s the one I used to start Superb Owl Sunday all those three years ago.


This is a barred owl. He looks dignified and brave, and basically I want it to be my best friend, but only if we stay on opposite sides of a computer screen. It could totally kick my butt. Those feathers are beautiful and it’s eyes are stunning and it is nothing short of superb.

So happy [belated] Superb Owl Sunday.


Inquiring minds would like to know what adventures you got up to yesterday? How did you celebrate SBS/SOS? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.


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