Listening to Music on the Internet


The internet is a big and confusing place full of both amazing and terrifying things. There is no way to even skim the surface of all the cool things our digital world has to offer. Luckily it gets a little easier if we narrow it down.

I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going through music websites. I’m always looking for cool new stuff to listen to, and I’m firmly in the camp that likes to try before I buy- even when it comes to music. Which is why I’ve become fairly knowledgeable in the realm of music websites and apps. It’s fun to find playlists and songs and even new artists that you never knew about!

I think by now almost everyone has heard of Spotify. Spotify gives you access to so much music, and lets you listen to any of it whenever you are online. But what I really love about Spotify is the ability to create custom playlists. I’m a big fan of creating playlists for my different moods or activities or seasons. The one I’m currently rocking out to is called Sprung, because it’s early spring! You can also subscribe to other people’s playlists, if they have public settings turned on. I love the idea of collaborative playlists, and that’s so easy to pull off using Spotify.


If you are in more of a mix cd kind of mood, 8tracks is your best bet. 8tracks is an entire website of user made mixes. You can sort by genre and artist and keyword. One of my favorite unique features on 8tracks is that if you ‘star’ or favorite a song from the playlist, it’s added to a favorite’s list that is easily accessible. I’ve been using that list for a while to get ideas of songs that I want to go purchase and download. 8tracks also links to sites to purchase the songs you are listening to, as well as to youtube videos, so it’s great for discovering new things.


Songza likes to call itself a “music concierge.” Which means that you give it some specifics, and it helps find the best music for you. It’ll factor in things like time of day, activity, mood, and time of year to give you playlist options. Some of the Songza playlists are created by users, but most are created by music “experts”- people who work in music professionally. This means that Songza is often a great place to find up and coming music, and stuff you’ll love but just haven’t heard of yet.


If you’re in the mood for mood based music another good place to turn is Pandora. Pandora lets you create a radio station based off of a song or musician, plus it offers some choices like “study music” or “classic Christmas” or “piano tunes.” What I like about Pandora is that once you have created a station you can add more variables- other artists you enjoy- and Pandora will mash all of it together to create a really nice and smooth listening experience.


And of course, there’s always YouTube! YouTube recommends videos based off your viewing history, which means sometimes it will recommend music videos that people that enjoy the stuff you’ve been watching have also watched. Going to YouTube for music does offer the possibility that you will get hopelessly sidetracked in the land of cat videos though, so fair warning.

So happy listening! I hope you guys are able to find some cool new jams. Share your good new music- I’m always looking for fun and exciting songs.


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