THANKS.GIVE.[ING] | Nov. ’13


For the month of November we’re challenging all of our readers (as well as ourselves) to make the world/Multiverse a better place. And not in the whole “I want world peace,” like the contestants of Miss America tend to fall back on.  Let’s make an actual difference! Whether your goal is to do something good once a day, once a week, or once an hour – if you’re feeling overly ambitious – just try to do something awesome for another member of the human race. Thank them, compliment them, give a gift (no matter how big or small), and just be awesome to one another. Even if it’s just stopping a bully in an internet chat room or forum.

If you’d like to have an accountability partner, head on over to our Facebook page and give us a comment on our THANKS.GIVE.[ING] photo, then feel free to pair up with others who have commented. Once you partner up, go ahead and reply to each other’s original comment. Or if you’d rather buddy up with one of your friends that will work too!

Speaking of your friends, we’re challenging you guys to help us spread THANKS.GIVE.[ING] like wildfire! Share it on your wall, pin it to your boards, make like a chickadee and tweet it to your friends, or reblog it on Tumblr. Let’s not keep this to ourselves.

We’d love to hear your kindness stories at the end of the month. If you have some that you’d like to share, just shoot us an email ( and we’ll include it in our end of the month THANKS.GIVE.[ING] post. Do you have an awesome (making the world a better place) charity or organization that you’d like us to know about? Let us know about them as well!

THANKS.GIVE.[ING] GUIDELINES: The golden rule of this challenge is to be kind. Whether it’s to say something kind to a stranger, compliment a coworker, or pay-it-forward in a fast food line – just be kind. There’s no specific requirement as to how many times the challenge ‘requires’ so no pressure.

Want to link up? If you would like to include this challenge to your blog or page feel free to add this badge to your page (pictured below). Our hope is to make THANKS.GIVE.[ING] a yearly tradition and would love for it to be a ‘thing’ that’s larger than our blog. Let’s come together to help make the world a better place.