Where’s David | SDCC 2014 Edition


It’s here, Nerdship. The pièce de résistance of Conventions has arrived and we are braving the masses to bring you the second installment of WHERE’S DAVID. This time David is venturing out to San Diego this weekend, ALL WEEKEND, to represent all things N&N at the illustrious Comic Con International.

SDCC is like Nerd Hanukkah. 8 5 days of awesome events, panels, booths, meetups, etc… For many, it’s a religious experience – and for good reason too! It’s like one GIGANTIC NERD-FAMILY gathering together and celebrating all things awesome, nerdy, and pop-culture. [Side note: I really wish I could attend this year… fingers crossed for next year.] Enough rambling, let’s get down to brass tacks, Nerdship!

What’s “Where’s David?”

For those of you who are new to Nerds and Nomsense, or have just forgotten, Where’s David is our version of Where’s Waldo for conventions. The first person who finds him gets an awesome prize. More about those prizes in a second. [We kicked this whole thing off at Dallas Comic Con earlier this May. There were a few kinks in our plan but we know better now. ]

Starting this evening through Sunday, David will be out and about around Gasoline Alley attending Con events throughout the weekend. Don’t have a Comic Con badge? No problem. For the majority of the time, he will be wandering around open areas. How cool is that?!

Here’s what David looks like (obviously he’ll be wearing different clothes, but we’ll be sure to post a “what’s David look like today” photo each day on Instagram):

How it works:

  1. Follow us on our Instagram or Twitter for clues and hints for his location throughout each day. You can use the hashtag #wheresdavidsdcc14 and ask us for more clues, too!
  2. Be on the lookout as for David as you’re enjoying the Con.
  3. When you see him, don’t be shy. Just go up and say the code word “Nerdship.”
  4. If you’re the first person to find him that day, you will get the super-awesome-prize-o-awesomeness. If it happens to be that someone has beaten you to the punch, never fear – we’ve got something special for you too!
  5. Take a picture with him and use the the special hashtag to show off your shiny new swag. After the Con, we’re planning on rounding up our favorite images / posts from YOU, Nerdship!

Prizes, My Precious!

We’re about to explode our Etsy with new items but before we reveal all that jazz, we’re going to give them away at SDCC. That’s right, you get FREE, first run swag from all your crafty gnomes at Nerds and Nomsense. If you have been following our Instagram, you might have already had an inside scoop as to the goodies.

Each day David will have a special prize package containing a few, extra-nerdy perler bead magnets and a super secret prize that we’re not going to share on here. You have to go find him to find that out. *HINT HINT. WINK WINK.* These magnets are perfect for any nerd. The perler bead characters are attached to super-strong rare earth magnets. None of that flimsy magnet business here.
We’ve been busy, busy, busy here at N&N HQ. (If you couldn’t tell. Soooo many perler beads…. )wheresdavidsdcc14_prize_nerdsandnomsense-1wheresdavidsdcc14_prize_nerdsandnomsense-2



(* And before you ask… yes we will be doing a DIY for a few of our perler bead patterns soon.) 

If you are going to be attending SDCC2014 please let us know in the comments below! Which prize pack do you like the best? We love hearing from you guys, Nerdship… so don’t be shy!

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