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Hello, I’m the doctor! Well, not entirely but wouldn’t that be a brilliant day job. Popping around space and time saving the world and rooting for the little guy. Oh and the fezzes. Don’t forget the fezzes, fezzes are cool! This is the Doctor’s 50th Anniversary and we’re going to celebrate it this week with style. So whether you’re a die-hard Whovian or a newbie to the Doctor, by the end of this week you’ll be completely up on your on personal wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey brilliant good time. And boy do we have some awesome things planned for you lovelies this week.

Nerds and Nomsense | Doctor Who | "Call Me Sexy"

We’ve got loads of goodies for you guys this week: DIYs, recipes you’ll surely exterminate, cocktails worth of a “Geronimo” or two, and facts that only the Doctor (and maybe River) may know. So instead of our normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday posts we’re giving you the Doctor twice a day, every day from here until the BBC’s Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary special which airs on Saturday.

Oh and did I mention that we’re having our very own meetup in Oklahoma City next Monday (11/25) to watch the 50th Anniversary special, “The Day of the Doctor” in 3-frakking-D! For more details on the meetup click here and it will take you to our Facebook event page. We’re even hosting a small costume contest and the winner will receive some very nifty Doctor swag. Just be sure to grab your tickets before next week because they might sell out!

You will be like us!

Oh sorry, that happens sometimes. 🙂 So we hope you will join us on this crazy, adventurous week wherein we dive headlong into all things Doctor Who. If you have any favorite Doctor moments please feel free to share them with us in the comments below or on our facebook page (www.facebook.com/NerdsAndNomsense/).

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