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The following is a wonderful interview from our favorite guest blogger, ConnieLene. She has graciously asked a few of her friends and family for their most memoriable Doctor Who moments and characters. Enjoy! 

In 1963 our family owned a wee black and white Television set. Did we watch Dr Who on it? I rather think not. Our mother would have been shocked and thought that her children could have nightmares created by such nonsense. Truth is I don’t really remember when Dr Who began to weave its spell on us.

But cast its spell it did. I believe New Zealand was the first country outside Britain to show Dr Who series and Sky TV has been showing all 50 years, a Dr a month since the beginning of this year. Wonderful.

Anyway in the early 1970’s my Best Beloved and I leased a Black and White Television for 6 months of the year to help fill the void on those cold, wet and windy evenings.

And we watched. We watched together with our children and my brother (younger than my son).

So I asked those near and dear for their recollections.

What is your first Dr Who memory?

Jon Pertwee and K9, Daughter said It seemed pretty funny and weird that Dr Who was also Worzel  Gummage; the music.


Who was the scariest Dr Who character?

  • The terrifying Silents, seven-foot-tall humanoid alien species with large bulbous heads, small piggy eyes set deep in a fleshy skull, and four large spatulate fingers.

  • The giant spiders from “Planet of the Spiders”

  • Weeping Angels

  • Margaret Blaine, the alien Slitheen

  • Where you ever afraid of the Angels ? – No, Yes absolutely, No, No, No

  • Or the Daleks – No,no no no – and me, I had tried to protect the young ones from EXTERMINATE. Why? Clearly they were not a problem to these young ones.


Where you ever afraid of your mothers vacuum cleaner (which was a Tellus)?

What! Mobile tin cans with megalomaniac tendencies, a zap gun, and limited conversation skills. Always laughable until they could fly.


Favourite Dr Who actor:

Everyone said – Tom Baker, he had wild hair and a long scarf and was a perfect Dr Who. BB added Jon Pertwee and David Tennant as well

  • K9 was remembered, a little missed and Nahhhh.

What would you do if the TARDIS landed in your garden?

A resounding “YES!” Everyone said that would up sticks and go. That they would not hesitate a moment. Absolutely. I so would. YES, Yes – pick me pick me! Of course!

Do you own any Dr Who memorabilia

 No, but I know someone with a full sized adult Dalek suit.

Has the Doctor stood the test of time for you?

No, yes, and hope it continues for another 50 years. – yes.

What is the most interesting thread through the DR Who stories?

Regeneration and  Daleks. The time lord is doomed forever to protect the fabric of time and space.

Favourite Dr companion

Billie Piper and Sara Jane Smith

I now have my own memorabilia, a tardis chart and a bag.

I wonder where or who the DR will be 50 years from now. He or she will have to visit me in another time dimension as I don’t think I’m likely to reach 116 here on earth.

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