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As you may begin to guess I do a lot of reading. I review indie books and publish the reviews for fun and profit on Recently however I have felt like I never get to dig too deep into any particular work. To solve that problem I want to start a “Book Club.


Now this won’t be the kind of club where we get together at the local coffee shop and argue over how ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ could be a communist morality parable(though I wouldn’t object to meeting at a coffee shop on general purpose). There won’t be any signing up or enrolling. Rather you can just read the entries, read along in the novels, and comment as you like. In reality I will just be posting thoughts about the novel as I read and responding to feedback if I get any.

In addition to being a book club like series of posts, I wanted to make this primarily for indie novels.In today’s society I feel like we champion the independent author and then promptly ignore them. I wanted to help give indie authors more promotion while also treating their work with the same regard that most big publishers get. It also helps me since this is also the bulk of what I read anyway.

To start things off I wanted to do some rereading of a title I had previously not gotten much time with, ‘Wonderboy’ by Charles Martin and Will Weinke. The second issue of the paperback came out recently (like a year ago) and I haven’t finished reading it–however I also don’t really remember everything form the first.

Adding insult to injury, my quote from my first review of the series is the cover quote. To say I don’t squeal with glee every time I see it would be a lie.


For background on the series (and to possibly entice you to read along) it is set in an alternate Earth that is not totally dissimilar to ours. The major difference is that there is an all powerful superhuman called Wonderboy that patrols the world issuing in world peace not known before. He is so mighty that he can end wars by himself. The catch? Besides being a womanizing jerk and completely oblivious to the needs of his illegitimate daughter? He’s dying.


Now that shouldn’t ruin too much for you because that is discussed in Issue 1… Issues you say? That’s the way of it–Wonderboy was released in issues as a serialized eNovel. Each one had a unique cover and came out about every other month. This means if you really want to, you could just buy an issue at a time and read them on your eReader.

ComicsWonderBoy13x192 wonderboy6comp wonderboy3

There you have it–I’ll be reading and posting discussions on each section (doing about an issue every two to three weeks). The next post will be preliminary treatment and thought points for starting Issue 1. Feel free to join in the conversation or even blog along if you like.


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Thanks so much and happy reading.

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