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When you’re a Time lord who fights for what is good and right you tend to make a lot of enemies. We know of about 134-ish so far and with all those baddies comes the ‘baddie-hierarchy’ because no two baddies are the same. Well… unless you’re the Autons and then you’re pretty much lumped into one androgynous-catchall. So we’ve created a list of our top five Doctor Who villains of all time. And if you ever see one of these on the street… run.

5) Cybermen:

  • Who are the Cybermen? The cybermen are the creation of a one John Lumos, a dementedly brilliant man whose health is failing but has dreams of renewal and the rebirth of the human species. The cybermen are transformed from humans. Their only function is to ‘upgrade’ the primitive humans. Think of the Cybermen as the Borg of the Whoverse.

  • Why are they evil? Well when robots get brains … let’s just say that their conscious goes out the window and they think only of the best possible statistic. No emotion, no pity, only the potential for upgrades. Their favorite pastime is playing chess… 😉

  • Best Episodes featuring the Cybermen: The Five Doctors, The Rise of the Cybermen, and A Nightmare in Silver.

4) The Silence:

  • Who are the Silence? Don’t think of the Silence as a race of people, rather think of them as a religious order … or cult. They have been shaping and guiding the human race since the beginning of time.

  • Why are they evil? I wouldn’t say that they are evil, per-say. They are manipulative businessmen with a keen eye to the future. The scariest thing about the Silence (at least the creatures that carry the same name – The Silent) is that you forget them as soon as you look away. The Silent are a memory-proof species and you cannot remember them when you look away. The best way to keep track is to draw little tick-marks on your arms.

  • Best Episodes featuring the Silence: The Impossible Astronaut,  The Day of the Moon, The Wedding of River Song.

3) The Weeping Angels:

  • Who are the Weeping Angels? What, not who. The Weeping Angels, also known as “The Lonely Assassins” are an alien race that are quantum-locked. The appear to be made of stones while people are looking at them but move (and kill) during the times where no one is looking. Don’t blink and always remember “What ever holds the face of an angel, becomes an angel itself!”

  • How did they get so evil? Well little is known about their culture or origins. They are vengeful and live off of the life force of humans… so Earth is the perfect feeding ground. You will never look at a statue the same way again.

  • Best episodes featuring Weeping Angels: Blink (2005), The Time of Angels (2010), The Angels take Manhattan (2013) – just be sure to keep some tissues with you on the last one.

2) The Master:

  • Who is the Master? He is the yin to the Doctor’s yang and like all ‘superheroes’ they need an equally matched supervillain. And what better super villain than one who has known the Doctor when both were children and has continued to mess up the works for the Doctor every step of the way. There has been many foes of the  Doctor who happen to be Time Lords but The Master takes the cake. He partnered up with Daleks, Sontarans, other evil Time Lords, and almost every other major Doctor Who villain in order to have some fun. Think of the Master as being the Moriarty to the Doctor’s Sherlock. He’s creepy, maniacal, and charming all at the same time.

  • How did he get so evil? Well, technically he went crazy…by looking into Untempered Schism when he was 8. Can I just take a moment to giggle at the phrase Untempered Schism. It just sounds… wrong.  After that The Master fled, via stolen TARDIS, and went into hiding.

  • Best episodes featuring the Master: Terror of the Autons, Utopia, The End of Time, and the Last of the Time Lords.

1) Daleks:

  • Who are the Daleks? The Daleks are an alien race that are hell-bent on controlling the universe. Physically they are feeble and squid-like, have gigantic brains and have an odd resemblance to Pizza the Hutt. Since their physical forms are so vulnerable they have constructed a metallic exoskeleton that can fly/levitate (post-Time War), zap beings with their phaser-type lasers, and are excellent at whipping up eggs and souffles. Seriously, their gun arm looks like a kitchen whisk.  
  • Why are they so evil? As a collective, they have an enormous ego and think that they are the divine beings… so everything and everyone should listen and obey them. If any opposition arises, they have only one word. – EXTERMINATE.
  • Best episodes featuring the Daleks: Planet of the Daleks, Bad Wolf/The Parting of Ways, Asylum of the Daleks.

Did we leave your favorite Doctor Who villain out of our top five? If so let us know in the comments below!!!

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