What’s in Jennifer’s Bathroom Part 2: Electric Boogaloo


Nerdship, I am never content to settle for just the same ol’ beauty products (my sweetie can attest to that). So, we’re boldly going back into my bathroom to see what I’m putting on my body these days. The assortment has changed a bit since last time, so make sure you take notes. 😀

Cast of characters: Kenra Volume Spray 25, Laura Geller Color Enriched Anti-Aging lipstick in Wild Orchid, Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Body Moisturizer, LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner, Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash, Pixi Shea Butter lip balm in Pixi Pink, Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser, Amika Hydrate conditioner, Philosophy Clear Days Ahead spot treatment, Smashbox bb cream, and Amika Color pHerfection shampoo.



-Kenra Volume Spray 25 is one of my very favorite firm-hold hairsprays in the whole world. It smells amazing and holds up to the Oklahoma wind (it’s mentioned in our state song, you guys) without being super crispy.

-Amika Color pHerfection shampoo and Hydrate conditioner are new to the arena for me. The smell is pretty distinctive, but in a good way. It smells like an exotic roadtrip with a mysterious man. 😉 The shampoo makes my hair clean without stripping it completely of its oils, the conditioner makes it manageable without making it limp and it is all safe to use on my outrageously fake red hair.



– Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair & Body Moisturizer is a mega twofer. You can use it anywhere on your hair or body. It moisturizes without making you feel like you rolled in Crisco, and it feels amazing chilled on a sunburn. My honey uses it to style his very fine hair. I sometimes use it to shave my underarms.

-Bliss Fabulous Foaming Body Wash is wunderbar. I first fell in love with Bliss while staying at an aloft hotel. Their products smell so fresh and make your skin so happy! This particular body wash is lightly exfoliating, which is helpful because I am flaky and prone to inflamed sebaceous filaments all over my body.



-Laura Geller Color Enriched Anti-Aging lipstick feels smooth, the color lasts quite a while, and it smells like a glass of wine. SOLD.

-LUSH Breath of Fresh Air toner is precisely what the doctor ordered when you step out of a too-hot shower. It smells lightly botanical, and it’s so light and refreshing.

-Pixi Shea Butter lip balm goes on crazy smooth and smells like candy. This particular color is pretty, but I imagine on certain skin tones it can look a bit like you’ve been pigging out on Pepto-bismol.

-Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser is a fun system to use. You rub the eucalyptus-scented cleanser on your dry face, then you take the muslin cloth and run it under hot water. You remove the cleanser with the hot, moist cloth. The fibers of the cloth exfoliate gently and the cleanser is heavy-duty enough to take off stubborn makeup.

-Philosophy Clear Days Ahead spot treatment makes my pimples disappear in a flash with minimal flakiness.

-Smashbox bb cream is thick enough to conceal minor imperfections and it has sunscreen (spf 35!). It goes on nicely, doesn’t feel too heavy, and washes off easily.


Well, there you have it! What’s in your cabinet this summer?

DISCLAIMER: None of these companies have ever heard of me, and the opinions are my own. No money changing hands. I just love these products. Over and out.


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