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When I strapped in and prepared myself for Makeup Monday posts, I was trying to think of some way to tie in the mission of Nerds and Nomsense and still keep with the makeup theme. The natural fit seemed to be Super Black Nail Lacquer. Why? Well…because it is a homemade 4-H free indie polish line made by none other than Natalie Dee, the badass mastermind behind viral internet comics like these.  Nerdiness- Check. Makeup relevance- Check. Check.

In addition to her own irreverent and so true it’s scary doodlings, her hubby is the artist responsible for Married to the Sea and Toothpaste for Dinner. This alone would make them the reigning king and queen of the interweb hilarity, but then Natalie Dee brings to the table her nail polish sorcery and her very helpful and hysterical makeup blog, Stuff I Put on Myself….and  suddenly we all feel like tremendous slackers/failures at internet supremacy. Ugh, some dames are good at everything!

It would be one thing if her polish was sub-par quality or boring, but Super Black Lacquer is quite possibly the best polish I have ever stroked on my digits (and I have tried A LOT!)


Miss Dee started mixing up her custom polishes in 2012 and produces and ships from her home base in Ohio. USA! USA! Each of the limited-run shades is free of any animal products and only uses highly saturated mineral pigment, so in addition to being great for those hippy dippy types, it is guaranteed to not leave your nails crazy stained when you take it off.

The polishes come in a variety of funky, yet highly wearable finishes (prismatic hologram, flat mattes, or chunky glitter.), dry fast and are devoid of nasty chemicals like Formaldehyde, Dibutyl Phthalate, Toluene, and Formaldehyde resin.  

On a personal level, I like this product because it dries with a quickness; without hyperbole, I can seriously apply a coat to both hands, and then without missing a beat, apply the second coat. It’s that stealthy. Also, it doesn’t get all weird and thick and goopy. Nothing can ruin my mood more than getting a fingerprint in my manicure because it is being slow as Christmas when  drying.  THAT. IS. THE. WORST.

Miss Dee also keeps up with trends and unleashes a new collection every season, which is exactly what I love/hate about being a bit of a nail polish addict. Included in her Spring 2014 line are two drastically different shades of purple. Radiant orchid was the pantone color of the year for 2014, after all, so I guess purple is where it’s at or so says magazines and experts and stuff. I give you Majestic and The Haymaker by Super Black Lacquers…both of which I have been rockin’ almost exclusively all March.


Majestic is a perfect creamy bright lavender that makes my nails look like perfect little easter eggs! My proclivity is usually to buy colors with metallic so this was a bit out of the box for me…and I loved every minute of it.


Also, I did add an accent nail using her magical hologrammy Wishful Thinking topcoat…so I still could stay true to myself.


Then on the other more sassily sinister end of the purply spectrum is The Haymaker, which Natalie describes as “Deep, eggplant polish packed with 3 different sizes of matte, neon red-orange glitter.” Sounds weird for spring, but it works! Of course, the only downside of a glitter polish is that upon removal, you are left with those stage five clinger glitter pieces that refuse to evacuate the premises. Fortunately, the effect is totally worth it.


If you want to learn more about her polishes or can’t get enough of Miss Dee, you can check out some of my prior Super Black gushing praises here here and here. You can also check out more manicures on their Facebook page.

Disclaimer: This review has not been sponsored by Natalie Dee or her Super Black Nail Lacquers. All products listed in this review have been purchased solely by Kimmie and the views expressed in this blog post are 100% those of the author. 

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