What a Healthy + Satisfying Snack Looks Like (For Me)

I eat snacks to keep fulfilled in between meals – and also, for enjoyment.

Between a hearty breakfast and lunch, I like raw vegetables with creamy hummus.  Even though it’s healthy, the combination of textures and complementary flavors is satisfying on its own.


Today, I’ve chosen hummus with grape tomatoes – equally satisfying are carrot, jicama, or celery sticks.  Slices of bell pepper or cucumber are good, too.  Whatever I choose, I make sure the vegetables are fresh – the older and more dry they have become, the less appealing they are for this snack.

My afternoon snack trends towards extremes of the taste and texture spectrum: berries or other fruit (which are sweeter than the morning’s vegetables), with chocolate-covered nuts or fruit and corn-chips.




Since blueberries are in season, I chose a bowl of blueberries. They’re flanked by a few dark-chocolate covered cashews (available in bulk at my local grocery store) and just corn-chips.

Is it a temptation to keep such treats around in bulk (a whole bag full of corn chips!)?  These used to be my downfall – but I find that if I’ve had a satisfying breakfast and lunch, I’m quite happy with just a small amount of my favorite treats.  They’re primarily a part of my meal routine for variety, and to have something to look forward to during the day.  I also find that if I treat myself early in the day, I’m not craving something sweet after dinner.

Of course, this is what a good snack looks like – for me.  I’m sure there are some people who shouldn’t have the amount of sugar in those berries, let alone the chocolate – or perhaps your sodium intake should be zero (so forget the corn chips).  Whatever your health goals and challenges, by all means consult a doctor and/or a nutritionist.

Given my own well-being, this is what looks right for me.  I know myself, and what more (unhealthy) treats I know I’ll succumb to if I don’t address my cravings earlier in the day.


What works for you?


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