I open at the close… 2013 in review


This year has been a roller-coaster around the world. Tragedies, triumphs, tribulations, and tweets have opened our eyes, warmed our hearts, and dropped our jaws.  Moments of pure humanity have re-awakened our minds to the possibility that we can achieve anything if we work together for a common goal.

Mother Nature has continued to remind us that even though we’ve made her into our home, she’s still in charge. She’s shown how magnificent, beautiful, and how destructive she can be. And yet, after every ‘act of nature’ such as a tornado, hurricane, or earthquake can destroy a community… we’ve still come together, no matter the distance, to help or bring aid to those in need. Homes are rebuilt, communities are made whole again, and the world continues to turn. We are making changes to help the world be better than we left it. We’re more conscious about our materials, emissions, and waste. It’s baby-steps but at least it’s a start.

Celebrities still make our social media sites buzz with their latest fads, actions, or music videos. Beyoncé’ took a non-traditional approach for releasing an album and it took the world by storm. Miley Cyrus is still shocking the public with her latest music videos and photo shoots. Eddie Izzard, John Green, Bill Gates, and other various Celebs. have continued to use their fame to raise awareness to wonderful charities and organizations. Some remind us of how close-minded people can be while others inspire us to be more than what we are. Money still makes the world go round but the underdogs are starting to get a foothold. DFTBA!

Countries and governments have butted heads, rattled their sabers, and helped better the world. The Russian government almost lost the privileges of hosting the Olympics due to their anti-gay laws. Egypt, Syria, and a few other middle eastern countries have seen better years. The United States experienced a few governmental snafus it’s self… all because politicians (and the money behind them) couldn’t come down off of their high horses and do what would be better for the US people- I’m talking about you Government Shutdown. The Tea Party has definitely reared it’s head (and it’s wallet). And we’ve realized how huge the gap is between the 1% and the rest of the US population. Big Brother is ‘officially’ watching us. Yet we are still truckin’ along. Our mistakes have given proof on how not to do things – so that’s a good thing. And even young women like activist Malala Yousafzai have let their voices be heard around the world, standing up for their rights in the face of adversity!


The Internet in 2013 has been a year for realizing that what you say on social medias CAN be blown up, taken out of context, and completely twisted… even if it was meant to be a joke. We are not as anonymous as we think. We are putting our foot down to internet bullying. Memes are a part of our everyday conversations, whether we realize it or not. YouTube is full of videos of crimes or accidents instead of people putting down their phones and helping – or using their phones to call for help. “If I film this I’ll get thousands of hits on YOUTUBE, right?” Yet a midst all of the phones there are still people willing to jump in front of subways to save their fellow human being. Go humanity!

Some of our favorite comic-book characters have been given life on the silver screen. Amazing techniques and advancements have been made in technology. Maybe within a few years we’ll all have some Google Glass. Technology!!! Benedict Cumberbatch has taken the world by storm. Tom Huddleston showed off his choice  dance moves. There has been several movie flops but there has also been several triumphs. Apple is no longer for the privileged with their release of the 5c iPhone. And we can’t forget these two words: DOCTOR WHO!  A few of us have nerd-raged with the latest Hobbit movie. Over 200,000 people have volunteered to live on MARS. Oh and this one guy jumped from space back to Earth… not like that’s a big deal or anything. (/kidding)

2013 is the year were we’ve admitted that it’s okay to not be perfect. Ladies fashion has started to lean towards realistic rather than Photoshoped. Curves, blemishes, and different body types are completely beautiful. It’s a wonderful feeling. The world as a whole is starting to accept people in general, even though we have a long way to go. You can love who you want. You should be happy no matter what anyone else thinks. Mental illnesses have stopped being brushed under the rug and there are support systems out there for everyone. It’s okay to be different. Everyone is unique and we’re starting to accept it.


We started Nerds and Nomsense back in August! That was/is exciting – even with the hiccups from this month. We will overcome!  We’ve been learning along the way and we’re seeking new bloggers and members of our Nerdship to join our writing team. More info on that here. We’ve met awesome people from around the world and we love every single one of you, Nerdship!

And now we come to the close of 2013. A year’s worth of memories, hopefully very few regrets, and even more times that you’ve smiled, laughed, giggled, and made completely awesome goofballs of yourself. Never forget that you are awesome, unique, and worth every penny.

What was the most memorable events in 2013 for you? Share with us in the comments below!

From everyone here at Nerds and Nomsense we want to wish you a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve and we will see you in 2014 – stronger and nerdier than ever!

PS) We want to know what you would like to see from Nerds and Nomsense in 2014 – again, let us know in the comments below!

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